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A&W Capital CEO Highlights the Importance of Integrity to Betting

When asked about his opinion on investment opportunities, Wheeler responded that he believes the B2B and athleisure sectors are going to experience the most growth

The integrity of the sport is the key to the wagering industry’s success according to Matthew Wheeler, the founder and chief executive of A&W Capital. In an interview with CNBC, he shared his opinions on what makes sports betting tick and what truly engages players.

According to Wheeler, the fan “has to believe” in the clean nature of the sports and sports betting sectors. While investors tend to be more interested in financial performance, the CEO said that the importance of integrity shouldn’t be overlooked.

Wheeler described gambling as a “massive fan engagement” and explained that millions of people see it as a way to engage with sports. With money on the line, fans feel more invested in the games, teams and players, according to the expert. However, companies must still be careful about the integrity of the sport and individual issues that might come as a result of gambling.

Despite certain risks associated with gambling, Wheeler pointed out that jurisdictions with regulated markets tend to engage players better. This has the added benefit of raising money for the sport and the government.

According to Wheeler, humans’ love for gambling is an “inevitability.” As a result, many would still gamble whether gambling is legal or not. Because of that, the A&W Capital expert suggested that gambling should be regulated as long as the integrity of the sport is protected.

That’s why we watch sports – because you don’t know what’s going to happen. And you just have to preserve that integrity.

Matthew Wheeler

Wheeler Advised People to Invest in B2B and Athleisure

When asked about his opinion on investment opportunities, Wheeler responded that he believes the B2B sector is going to experience the most growth. He advised investment in services companies, saying that the nationality of the businesses doesn’t really matter.

Invest in a business where as long as people are watching the sport, then your business is thriving. So, those B2B support businesses are really important.

Matthew Wheeler

On a side note, Wheeler added that the athleisure sports clothing sector is also likely to experience significant growth, providing opportunities for investment. Wheeler concluded that such businesses in Asia and India and particular are expected to experience significant growth over the next decade.

He added that the EPL and IPL are also poised for growth. He warned: “But, you know, that’s a different game, that’s a billion-dollar game. But if you are looking to invest on a personal level, I would look at B2B, and I would look at athleisure.”


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