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Better Change Adds Lee Willows as Non-Executive Director

Better Change has tapped Lee Willows, YGAM founder, as its latest non-executive talent which will help the organization reinforce its efforts in the prevention of gambling-related harm. Willows will serve as director and use the trove of knowledge he has accumulated since he founded YGAM in 2014, and working on various consumer-focused initiatives.

Much of Willows’ professional path has been about educating consumers and young people about the dangers associated with gambling that were often ignored in the early days of the regulated industry.

Even though organizations such as Better Change, YGAM, and GamStop play a crucial role in preventing harm, efforts to protect consumers have been growing. Today, Better Change is a champion of responsible gambling and a principal educator when it comes to gambling-related harm.

Bringing Industry Expertise to the Fore Matters

The company leverages its rich technological lineage and expertise to address various challenges. Better Change further develops and conducts research projects and training for industry staff and fellow experts.

Willows expressed his own satisfaction to be joining Better Change as an initiative that exemplified everything that the man stood for, and admitted familiarity with the organization’s mission:

“It is a real privilege to be joining the talented team at Better Change. Its founder and I have known each other for several years and what I am particularly impressed by is Better Change’s mission and values as a social business.”

Lee Willows

Willows is equally motivated to continue helping Better Change in the organization’s mission to educate stakeholders and help build better industry practices that boost social responsibility and protect consumers on all levels.

Similarly, Better Change founder Victoria Reed welcomed Willows’ addition to the board of directors, arguing that his achievements were without competition in the sector and noting that Willows had long been a champion of sustainability and player protection.


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