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Twitch CEO Faces Criticism over Potential Adin Ross Ban Removal

Potential attempts for the removal of Adin Ross' ban on Twitch captured the attention of streamers and content creators who disagreed

The famous streamer and recognizable internet personality, Adin Ross, was banned from the popular streaming platform, Twitch, last year. Considering the ban, Ross transitioned to the streaming platform Kick.

In light of the ban, the streamer tried to talk to Twitch CEO Dan Clancy during TwitchCon 2023, which took place in October. However, upon arriving at the event along with his entourage, dressed in Kick-branded clothes, Ross, together with his crew, were escorted by TwitchCon security outside.

Now, according to a recently released screenshot from the internet personality, Zach Bussey, Ross made another attempt to discuss his Twitch ban with Clancy. A screenshot from a discussion on Discord that included Ross, Clancy and a third person, emerged. The banned streamer reportedly wanted to discuss the matter with Clancy. Ross wrote that he would “love to connect” and discuss the matter off stream,” asking Clancy if he would be interested.

Twitch’s CEO responded with: “Good try,” explaining that he is currently on a plane. Clancy wrote that he is on his way to Asia. Still, the CEO of the popular streaming platform wrote that he is willing to talk to Ross once he gets back “in a couple of weeks.”

Ross, who transitioned to Kick since his ban on Twitch, wrote back: “Have a safe flight, thank you for being open to it. Talk soon.”

Content Creators, Streamers Want Ross’ Ban on Twitch to Remain

While the CEO of Twitch hinted at the possibility of talking to Ross about the permanent ban, other streamers and content creators strongly disagreed with the potential ban removal. In light of the recent news, kaceytron wrote on X, formerly Twitter: “It’s absolutely ridiculous that this is even being entertained.” Moreover, the popular streamer added: “Adin has had numerous chances, more than what most streamers would ever get… why is it so hard to let egotistical childish men fail?”

Another popular content creator, Rin Vixen, also joined the discussion. In response to the potential talks about the removal of Ross’ ban on Twitch, she wrote: “No. Absolutely f***ing not.” Moreover, Vixen tagged Twitch and added: “if you respect your minority creators, which keep in mind that this dude has specifically targeted to harass, then you will let this s**m f**k rot on Kick.”

ShadowSerpent9, another gamer and content creator shared the same opinion, writing on X: “Hell no. Deserved lifetime Ban was well deserved.”


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