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Security Escorts Adin Ross Out of TwitchCon 2023

Adin Ross and his team, wearing Kick-branded clothes, entered the convention intending to meet Twitch CEO Dan Clancy and address Ross's recent Twitch ban

The bustling atmosphere of TwitchCon 2023 in Las Vegas turned tense as controversial internet personality Adin Ross, accompanied by his entourage, was promptly escorted out of the event by security personnel. 

Adin Ross Seeks Talks with CEO Dan Clancy over His Twitch Ban

The incident unfolded shortly after Ross and his crew, donned in Kick-branded apparel, made their entrance into the convention, with the streamer aiming to meet Twitch CEO Dan Clancy and discuss his recent ban from Twitch.

Ross, well-known for his large following on the Kick platform, conveyed his mission to spread positivity and mend relations with Twitch. He stated earnestly upon entering the premises that he had no intention of causing trouble and expressed his genuine love for Twitch. Ross said he wanted to talk to Clancy as he would like his ban on Twitch lifted.

However, security staff swiftly approached the group, informing them they needed to leave. Ross, visibly shocked, questioned them for the reason and underlined that he had paid for entry and that he had been in the venue for a very short time. He displayed his entry badge in disbelief, seeking an explanation. Security remained tight-lipped about the specific violation, leaving Ross and his companions in a state of confusion.

In a series of videos that surfaced online, Ross can be heard repeatedly asking, “Bro, what did I do?” while attempting to understand the situation. His friends and bodyguards attempted to reason with the authorities, but the Twitch staff remained firm in their decision, citing a breach of “Twitch’s code of conduct.” Despite his compliance, Ross and his associates, including Citrus, Cheesur, CUFFFEM, and ShnaggyHose, were handed indefinite suspensions from Twitch, much to their dismay.

Twitch’s Decision Sparks Fan Divide

The incident stirred a heated debate online, with fans expressing varied opinions. While some believed Ross’s ban was justified, others contended that he was unfairly treated, with some users stating that Adin made Twitch popular but now the platform executives are jealous as Kick is taking over. The incident also highlighted the ongoing debate surrounding Ross’s shift from Twitch to Kick, adding fuel to the speculation fire.

Ross is not the only streamer who changed platforms. Other popular streamers such as xQc have been attracted to Kick’s more lucrative revenue model with its 95% share split.

Twitch permanently banned Ross due to his choice to showcase unfiltered and hateful chat conduct during a broadcast. The incident occurred on February 24 this year, when Ross featured unmoderated chat content from his platform Kick, allowing anti-Semitic and racist comments to go unaddressed for over 20 minutes. This marked Ross’s eighth ban from Twitch, and the platform stated that his failure to police hateful conduct led to the permanent suspension. Prior to this incident, Ross had received a temporary ban less than a year ago for using hateful slurs or symbols. In other news, in a recent discussion with Kick co-founder Eddie Craven, Adin Ross entertained the idea of streaming an interview with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.


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