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LeBron James Considers Streaming, Gets Invited to Kick and Twitch

LeBron James plans to explore the world of content streaming and asked his fans what platform he should stream with

NBA powerhouse LeBron James is considering venturing into the world of content streaming. After the Los Angeles Lakers’ star player announced his intentions, he was immediately showered with invitations from both Twitch and Kick representatives.

LeBron made his announcement on X, revealing that he is interested in streaming his Madden NFL games and further engaging his passionate fanbase. The basketball pro also asked his fans which platform he should stream with.

Who should I stream with? Meaning which platform brand?

LeBron James

Some of the most influential streamers on the gambling-friendly platform Kick used the opportunity to invite King James to their platform. Twitch’s chief executive officer also joined the fray, promoting his own platform.

Everybody Wants a Piece of King James

Trainwreckstv, one of the most influential streamers on the internet and a major promoter of Kick, was among the first to invite the basketball legend to the emerging platform. Praising James as “the greatest of all time,” the streamer asked him to come and stream with the other Kick celebrities.

Adin Ross, who was previously permanently banned from Twitch, also suggested that LeBron James should stream on Kick.

The Kick content creators’ invitations were echoed by Andrew Santamaria, Kick’s head of strategic partnerships, who chimed in saying that he is already preparing a suitable contract for King James.

In the meantime, Twitch also put an offer on the table. The Amazon-owned platform’s chief executive, Daniel Clancy, admitted that he might be “a bit biased” but believes that Twitch offers the best experience for content creators. Clancy also referenced Twitch’s refreshed streaming rules, saying that they would allow LeBron James to stream both on Twitch and YouTube.

The Rivalry Between Twitch and Kick Rages on

As of the time of this writing, LeBron James is yet to announce his decision and start streaming. However, the offers he received clearly reflect the ongoing rivalry between Twitch and Kick. The latter remains bullish on attracting influential celebrities by offering tempting deals and more freedom of speech. However, Kick’s close ties to the gambling industry are still a major put-off for some fans.

In any case, if the Lakers’ star ends up joining Kick, this would deal a major blow to Twitch, which remains embattled with both Kick and YouTube Gaming.


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