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xQc Responds to Ninja’s Claims, Says His Contract Is Not Misleading

The online celebrity slammed some of the comments his fellow streamers Ninja, Hasan and Pokimane made, slamming them as “cringe.”

Leading streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel recently revealed details about his staggering $100 million contract with the streaming platform Kick. Shortly after, some of his claims were disputed by his fellow content creator Tyler “Ninja” Blevins who called the deal “misleading.”

In an episode of his AFK w/ Ninja Podcast, the streamer addressed xQc’s deal, expressing his doubts about some of the details xQc revealed. Ninja, who had formerly signed a major contract with the failed Microsoft-owned platform Mixer, reflected on his own deal when addressing xQc’s.

Ninja pointed out that xQc’s deal probably was not just all cash and involved gambling money, Stake money and Stake percentage.

xQc was quick to respond. The online celebrity slammed some of the comments his fellow streamers Ninja, Hasan and Pokimane made, slamming them as “cringe.” To prove his point, the streamer provided clarifications on his contract, going into detail about the terms of the agreement.

xQc Debunks Ninja’s Allegations

According to xQc, his contract is “very simple.” While xQc is a known Stake player, his contract does not have a gambling or crypto aspect to it. The content creator described the contract as one that “you’d find from a corporate job – no equity, no stocks, no options.”

Providing fans with further insights, xQc explained that his contract is broken down into 24 months and that he gets one month of that every time. He noted that the contract is slowed down because he got a signing bonus and an advance.

They gave me a chunk upfront, so not only do I get paid monthly, but I also got paid way more in the early months. It was kind of insane.


While xQc couldn’t reveal all the details, he invited Pokimane, Hasan and Ninja to sign NDAs and see his contract for themselves. He admitted that their comments did not hurt him but nevertheless cast misinformation for no reason. xQc concluded:

I could just debunk it if you want. Just ask, and I’ll show the whole thing.


Kick is a fast-growing rival to Twitch that prides itself on offering better contracts to its streamers and more freedom of speech to its users. While still lagging behind the Amazon-owned giant in terms of viewership, Kick has leveraged lucrative deals to attract a number of prominent streamers to its platform.


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