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Kindred Provides Rangers FC with Gambling Education

The education will be led by EPIC Risk Management and will celebrate 10 years of partnership between Kindred and the club

Kindred Group is marking ten years of collaboration with the Scottish soccer team Rangers FC. To celebrate the occasion, the company will supply the team with EPIC Risk Management-led gambling education sessions.

This will notably be the first time the Scottish Premiership has joined forces with a safer gambling consultancy such as EPIC. Under the agreement, the latter company will provide the club’s employees with independent gambling guidance. EPIC has an extensive presence in the English Football League and other leagues and boasts the expertise needed to supply Rangers FC with bespoke education sessions.

The education will feature lived experience insights from former soccer athletes who have previously struggled with gambling problems.

Kindred’s partnership with Rangers FC also saw it dedicate its front-of-shirt sponsorship to its Zero % Mission. The initiative is aligned with the ongoing talks about the importance of promoting gambling responsibly and is a part of the company’s Journey towards Zero strategy that seeks to cut off all revenue from at-risk players.

Kindred Is Committed to Protecting Players from Harm

Rangers FC’s chief commercial officer, Karim Virani, commented on the partnership with Kindred. He said that the club realizes the importance of protecting players and staff from gambling and allowing them to discuss the matter in a “welcoming and understanding environment.”

We’re grateful to Kindred – with whom we have a positive, long-term relationship – for funding the sessions that are helping us lead the way in Scotland on this matter.

Karim Virani, CCO, Rangers FC

EPIC Risk Management’s senior sports partnerships manager, Michelle Evans, said that her team is delighted that Rangers FC recognizes the importance of protecting its members through education. She noted that EPIC is committed to leveraging real-life experiences to help others avoid harm.

We recognize the importance of the sector to the UK’s leisure industry, and we’re dedicated to providing a bespoke, holistic service that allows participants to share and discuss matters in a safe way.

Michelle Evans, senior sports partnerships manager, EPIC Risk Management

Sam Mead, Kindred Group’s UK general manager, also expressed his thoughts on the matter, highlighting the importance of the Journey towards Zero mission to his team. He teased that Kindred is currently investing in its tech stack to further develop its detection software.

This, allied with a greater emphasis on education and safer gambling messaging will help Kindred drive forward its industry-leading model of sponsorship that is benefitting clubs and their communities.

Sam Mead, UK general manager, Kindred Group

In other news, Kindred recently joined forces to bring enhanced iGaming to Europe.


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