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xQc’s Total Wagers on Stake Getting Close to $3bn

In a recent stream, the famous online personality shared details regarding his total wagers on Stake

Felix “xQc,” the popular streamer and online personality, recently uncovered interesting details regarding his online gambling activities. Currently, the famous streamer plays online casino games on Stake and streams via Twitch’s rival platform, Kick. Earlier this year, xQc announced he signed a jaw-dropping $100 million deal with Kick.

Announced back in June, the collaboration spanned over two years. This saw xQc transition from Twitch to Kick, while at the same time raising concerns about double standards on the former platform. He followed the steps of Trainwrecks who also made a switch to Kick around the same period. Amouranth was another streamer who also inked a lucrative deal with Kick this year.

Now a streamer nicknamed iqkev revealed on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, that xQc has come a long way from betting $40 per spin on online slots to a staggering $50,000 per spin. Undoubtedly the aforementioned wagers are difficult to compare. But what’s more surprising is the total xQc has wagered through Stake so far.

In another recent stream, the famous online personality uncovered details regarding his stats on Stake. Surprisingly, xQc was able to wager some $511 million via the platform for only 20 days through the beginning of this week. Moreover, the total amount of wagers on his profile was seen in one of the streams, a staggering $2,655,921,982. According to xQc’s profile statistics, some 887,870 wagers resulted in 87,979 wins and a whopping 786,709 losses.

Users Online Are Skeptical

The latest announcement comes at a time when xQc recently hit multiple six-figure wins. Playing Mighty Mask on Stake the lucky streamer hit a $378,400 win, while Dork Unit got him a $620,950 payout. On Drop ’em, xQc hit a $259,520 win, while he also banked $300,000 from Beast Below.

While securing a six-figure win does sound probable, some users online questioned whether the famous streamer can indeed wager nearly $3 billion on Stake. One online user nicknamed kinzs wrote on X: “Ain’t no way he has more than 2 billion dollars. It must be Stake giving him funds to gamble.” Another online user nicknamed AlmondM wrote: “The money is from Stake so it goes back to Stake again free glitch ig.”

Recently xQc also uncovered details regarding his deals with Kick and Stake. He explained that he wanted to keep those deals separate from each other. While xQc did not reveal specific details regarding the value of either of the deals, it is likely that each of them costs north of a hundred million, if not more.


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