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xQc Reveals Fascinating Details about His Livestreaming Contract and Gambling Deal

The popular streamer recently hosted a livestream where he interacted with his audience, revealing some intriguing insights into the potential earnings tied to his contracts

Leading internet personality Felix “xQc” recently dropped some jaw-dropping figures about his Kick livestreaming contract and Stake gambling deal. xQc’s comments garnered significant attention, revealing how much companies are willing to pay for an opportunity to reach his nearly 12 million followers. This discussion closely follows the livestreamer’s decision to quit gambling, significantly shifting his career.

The Internet Celebrity Was Surprisingly Open

While talking to his viewers, xQc stated that if he had chosen to include gambling on Stake in his Kick contract, the numbers would have been astronomical. He suggested that according to his low-end estimates, a combined deal would have exceeded $250 million. This eye-popping figure demonstrates the financial opportunities content creators like xQc have when partnering with leading brands.

If I put both together in the contract, and I had one number for it, it would be probably like $275 million. If I were to give a random number in my head.


These comments refer to xQc’s June decision to sign a $100 million deal with Twitch rival Kick. The content creator noted he would be better able to promote the type of content he likes best, which includes online gambling, and admittedly get a better rate. Despite the steep price, the platform significantly benefited from the increased exposure and xQc’s 11,930,590 followers.

xQc also revealed the rationale behind his decision to keep the Kick livestreaming deal and the Stake gambling contract separate. He explained that the separation was intentional, and he insisted on maintaining autonomy in that regard. xQc added that Kick respected his preferences and did not ask him to compromise, leading to their current arrangement. 

Separating the Contracts Seems to Have Paid Off

xQc’s transparency about the inner workings of his contracts offers a rare glimpse into the complexities and potential earnings in the world of content creation and livestreaming. His decision to keep his Kick and Stake gambling contracts is an impressive display of foresight, as October saw the streamer announce he would throw in the towel and stop gambling after winning $5 million on

Should xQc go through with his decision and end his gambling content, it would undoubtedly impact his contract with Stake. However, the separate agreement with Kick means the streamer will be free to focus on his gaming content and maintain much of his audience without changing his existing arrangement with the platform. 

xQc’s revelations elicited mixed reactions from his followers. Most were impressed by his wealth, noting his contracts surpassed famous athletes like basketball star Anthony Edwards. A younger generation eager to consume engaging online content means high-profile companies are increasingly willing to attract online personalities for sponsorships. The gambling industry is no exception and will undoubtedly continue to attract e-personalities.

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