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Twitch and Kick Star xQc Vows to Stop Gambling After Announcing $5M Win

Twitch and Kick streamer xQc has announced he would throw in the towel and stop gambling after winning $5 million on Stake.com platform

French-Canadian online streamer who started his career as a professional Overwatch player, Félix Lengyel, whom you might know as xQc (ex xQcOW), has made an announcement that sparked plenty of heated conversations in the streaming community. 

The Twitch and Kick streamer said he was planning on giving up gambling after he shared a link with his online community, showcasing a massive $5 million win on Stake.com. The latter is a popular online crypto-gambling platform that boasts about offering the best casino and sports betting platforms for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

xQc Took It to His Offline Chat to Make the Announcement 

Last September, Twitch announced an important update to its policy aimed at forbidding content creators from streaming from gambling sites featuring roulette, slots, and dice games that are not licensed in the US and other gambling markets with consumer protections in place. 

Before the controversial ban was imposed, xQc had become one of the top “gamba” (gambling) streamers there. After the streaming platform made the crucial announcement, xQc decided to move his gambling content to Kick, Twitch’s direct competitor launched on October 18, 2022

The Juicer who had been streaming on Twitch almost on a daily basis therefore resumed his gambling. His debut gambling stream on Kick ended with an impressive win of over $553,000.

Now, xQc has announced he would put an end to his gambling habits online after hitting an impressive $5 million win in an online game. The news follows the streamer’s $1.1 million gambling loss in Las Vegas.

xQc used his offline chat to share a screenshot showcasing the whopping win on Stake.com while also letting his viewers and subscribers know that he had already cashed out the money and that he would not be gambling anymore. 

$1.5 Billion in Wagers

In September 2023, the streamer also openly shared his statistics on the Stake.com platform with his viewers, proving that he had placed no less than 788,877 bets there. Out of these bets, xQc won 76,398. The rest of the bets were losing ones. 

The French-Canadian streamer and online personality also emphasized the fact that his wagers had gone over the $1.5 billion mark.

It remains to be seen if xQc will truly give up gambling, as the streamer has a track record of not always disclosing the full truth with his community.

In the spring of 2022, xQc openly spoke about his gambling addiction on Twitch, explaining that he felt compelled to take unnecessary risks in every game he plays while also claiming that he “can afford to be ill”. 

Last month, Stake.com announced that a cyberattack affected its ETH/BSC hot wallets, leading to $41 million in losses

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