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YouGov Posts Q2 Report on US Gambling

British international Internet-based market research and data analytics firm YouGov has posted a quarterly report about the state of the US gambling market. According to YouGov, the industry is facing one of its biggest threats yet in the face of the rising costs of living which may affect casinos in the country.

YouGov Analyzed the US Market

YouGov opened its analysis with data about the industry in 2021. The analytics firm noted that slots were the most popular offline vertical in Q2 2021 and, by the end of the year, also cemented their place as the top online vertical. Sports were consistently popular online but not so much offline. Sports betting was driven by seasonable spikes corresponding to the most famous leagues in the United States.

Taking a look at how sports performed this year, we can see that the National Football League is consistently maintaining its leadership position as the top discipline to bet on. Not far behind is the National Basketball League. Interestingly enough, in Q2 2022, soccer managed to surpass Major League Baseball to rank third in YouGov’s popularity chart.

In the next section, the analytics specialist posted statistics about the account conversion rates of America’s most popular operators. DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, Bet365 and Caesars Entertainment all recorded better conversion rates than in Q1 2022. BetMGM enjoyed the highest boost while Caesars remains a step behind its competitors.

Out of these brands, DraftKings continues to be the most visible one. Despite its ad awareness falling considerably in Q2 2022, the operator continues to be ahead of its competitors. However, FanDuel may soon bridge that gap.

YouGov reported that sports betting and lotteries are much more popular among players in states with legalized gambling markets. Players in states without a legal gaming market are equally likely to pick slots, casino games or poker.

Example Consumer Profile: US NFL Bettors

At the end of its report, YouGov provided more information about the average NFL bettors. According to the analytics firm, the majority of football punters are likely to be aged between 45 and 64 and hail from the Midwest region. Most of them have completed 4-year education and have middle income. Furthermore, the average bettor is very likely to have the Buffalo Bills and the Dallas Cowboys as their favorite teams.

In addition, most NFL bettors are twice as likely to place an online wager within the next month compared to other sports bettors. They are also almost twice as likely to regularly place single bets. Almost three times more NFL bettors look for gambling operators that make attractive offers. As a result, NFL punters are much more inclined to pick DraftKings as their preferred sportsbook. Lastly, NFL bettors would usually be much more active when it comes to watching sports on TV or having a presence on social media.  


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