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SCCG Appoints Peter Kula as VP of Global Strategy

Kula’s knowledge and expertise will propel SCCG Management forward, allowing it to reach “new heights of success,” the company believes 

SCCG Management has made another high-profile appointment, welcoming the gaming expert Peter Kula as vice president of global strategy. According to the consultancy, Kula’s impressive track record makes him a perfect fit for the company.

The move follows the appointment of Mark Stebbings as chair of the SCCG Global Advisory Board, and will help the Vegas-based gambling advisory firm cement its position as a leading consultancy. According to the official announcement, the new hire will bring a “wealth of knowledge and strategic acumen to the team.”  

In his new role, the hire will focus on developing and enhancing strategies across various key areas, such as sales, marketing, client success, product market analysis and business development strategy.

His expertise will be “pivotal in boosting SCCG’s processes for acquiring new business and developing strong client-partner relationships,” the company added. Furthermore, Kula will be tasked with serving as an essential connector for SCCG’s clients and will leverage his expertise to form meaningful collaborations.

Kula’s track record includes positions at notable corporations, such as Caesars and Amazon. These experiences have armed SCCG’s new VP of global strategy with a deep understanding of the industry and its intricacies. Kula has also served as Sightline Payments’ director of partnerships and business development.  

The Hire Will Help SCCG “Reach New Heights of Success”

Kula commented on his new position, saying that he is excited to join SCCG Management. He added that the new position will allow him to highlight the consultancy’s expertise and “story of growth, innovation, and shared success” for the firm’s partners.

The appointment, according to SCCG Management, is in line with the company’s relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in the gaming industry. This was echoed in the words of Stephen Crystal, SCCG Management’s founder & CEO, who welcomed Kula to the Vegas-based consultancy.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Peter Kula to our executive team. His distinguished career in business development and strategic partnerships, particularly with industry leaders like Caesars and Amazon, aligns seamlessly with our strategic objectives at SCCG.

Stephen Crystal, founder & CEO, SCCG Management

Crystal added that his team is certain Kula’s knowledge and expertise will propel SCCG Management forward, allowing it to reach “new heights of success.”  


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