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Neccton to Supply RG Solution to PressEnter Operators

Neccton has officially partnered with Malta-based gambling operator PressEnter Group as the company will supply the latter with its responsible gambling solution as a way to protect registered players. The RG solution will be available to many of PressEnter’s internationally renowned casino brands. 

Potential Problem Gamblers Will be Identified Early 

Some of the casino brands that are operated by PressEnter include NeonVegas, NitroCasino, UltraCasino, JustSpin, 21.com and Rapid Casino. All of these names have agreed to use Neccton’s RG solution as a way to keep their registered players safe. 

The RG solution is an AI-driven data analysis that is conducted in real-time. It tracks potential problematic behavior and allows both operators and players to spot gambling harm while in its earliest stages. 

Gambling harm protection is currently one of the biggest challenges in the global iGaming industry. New Zealand authorities announced that they are planning on spending $75 million on a new program that will prevent this issue from arising. 

In Spain, it was recently announced that the “La Contrapartida” program in Madrid will expand as it proved to be quite successful. The UK’s gambling regulator also unveiled new guidance which will help combat gambling

Lahcene Merzoug, PressEnter’s CEO, stated that the company takes responsible gambling very seriously and PressEnter always makes sure that it goes the extra mile to ensure that its “players are happy and healthy.”

He added that even though PressEnter already offers players numerous tools which allow them to stay in control of their play, there’s always room for extra and that is where Neccton’s solution steps in. Merzoug concluded that Neccton’s solution will allow them to spot potential problems early and thus, protect players.

Neccton’s Tool Will Alert Operators If It Spots Behavioral Changes 

The RG tool by Necton will alert operators if it recognizes behavioral changes such as deposit frequency increases. The player will also be directly contacted and it will help him make better decisions. Moreover, the tool features AML and fraud modules. 

Dr Michael Auer, the director and head of development at Neccton, stated that the company’s research in gambling began 15 years ago and so far, numerous academic studies in the field have been published. 

He also added that Neccton has shown that players that gamble responsibly are far more loyal and their lifetime as customers is far longer. He ended by saying that Neccton’s goal is to protect players from all around the world and partnering with rising companies such as PressEnter helps the company achieve that goal. 

Recently, Neccton also partnered with Rdentify, a company that specializes in identifying at-risk customers by analyzing their chatbot, live chat and email communication. Auer stated that Neccton can finally add NLP analysis and that leads to an “even better understanding of player behavior.” 

Daniel Brooks, Rdentify’s CEO and founder, stated that Neccton’s products will complement Rdentify’s suite and both companies will be able to assist operators in identifying potential at-risk customers. 

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