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KSA: Three Operators Have Breached the New Advertising Rules

According to the authority, the licensees in question pulled the ads down upon receiving the heads-up

The Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), the Netherlands’ gambling regulator, published an update on the market’s newly introduced ban on untargeted advertising. According to the authority, it has had to intervene on three occasions, forcing operators to shut down ads that violated the new advertising rules.

For reference, the ban on untargeted ads came into effect on July 1, aligning with the Netherlands’ efforts to reduce problem gambling. In the near future, the Dutch market is also set to prohibit sponsorships for TV programs and events, as well as sponsorships in professional sports.

It seems that getting used to the ban will take a while, despite the KSA’s warnings. Because of that, the regulator has had to intervene on three occasions and address problematic ads. According to the authority, the licensees in question pulled the ads down upon receiving the heads-up.

Three Companies Violated the Dutch Regulations on Advertising

The KSA reported that one of the three violators had run a promotion allowing participants to win a special t-shirt with the company logo. However, merchandise handouts are considered to constitute untargeted advertising because they would promote the company’s products in public spaces. As a result, the operator in question had to cancel the promotion.

The two other violations included operators that violated the existing rules on sponsorships. The KSA pointed out that TV and radio and sports sponsorships are still permitted but added that there are still rules that companies should follow.

For example, operators can use neutral statements to help consumers recognize their brands and logos. However, they cannot go further and, for example, promote via slogans and incentives. One of the two operators, the regulator said, included its slogan in a program sponsorship, breaching the requirement for neutral expression. The second company, meanwhile, encouraged sports matchgoers to download the gambling company’s application, also violating the same rule.

Other Recent Developments in the Netherlands

In other news, the recently published 2022 KSA Market Scan provided insights into the trends in the Dutch gaming market. The document highlighted the need for updated responsible gambling practices that are in line with the shifting market. The data also showed that a third of the total gambling revenue came from online operations.

Meanwhile, René Jansen, KSA’s chair, confirmed his resignation. While his term is set to expire on October 1, 2024, Jansen will likely vacate the position on July 1, 2024. The authority is already looking for a suitable successor.


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