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Swedish Scratch Card Game Trisskrapet Draws Controversy

The ongoing debate has caused contentious opinions, which could have substantial repercussions on Sweden’s gaming market

The Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling (BOS) has backed the Swedish Consumer Agency’s (KV) and the Consumer Ombudsman’s (KO) evaluation regarding the daily scratch card commercial “Trisskrapet” featured on TV4. The consensus is that the segment should be recognized as advertising rather than an editorial feature, marking a significant development in the ongoing debate surrounding the program.

Most Industry Stakeholders Reached a Consensus

“Trisskrapet” has long been a prominent feature on TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, offering viewers the chance to participate in scratch card activities with the potential to win substantial prizes. However, questions arose regarding the segment’s classification, prompting scrutiny from regulatory authorities. This case has caused concern among industry stakeholders who fear that improper categorization could cause gambling harm.

A recent Supreme Court ruling agreed with points raised by the Swedish Consumer Agency, affirming the importance of transparency in distinguishing advertising content. Gunnar Wikström, litigation counsel at the Swedish Consumer Agency, expressed relief at the ruling, emphasizing the significance of accurately identifying advertising to ensure robust consumer protection measures.

We are relieved by the Supreme Court’s ruling because a prohibition would have had devastating consequences for the authority’s ability to review companies’ marketing.

Gunnar Wikström, Swedish Consumer Agency litigation counsel

BOS echoed the sentiments of KV and the KO, highlighting the importance of clarity in distinguishing between advertising and editorial content. Gustaf Hoffstedt, representing BOS, stressed that consumer protection lies at the core of the gambling industry’s integrity. Clear identification of advertising content is essential to prevent any confusion among viewers and ensure a safe gambling environment.

Svenska Spel Must Abide by Strict Advertising Standards

The association urged Svenska Spel, the operator behind “Trisskrapet,” to adhere to advertising regulations promptly. Failure to comply with the provisions outlined in the Marketing Act and the Gambling Act could jeopardize consumer trust and undermine efforts to foster a secure gambling environment. Such measures align with Sweden’s mission to be a global leader in customer safety.

BOS called upon the KO to enforce mandatory consumer protection labeling for “Trisskrapet,” emphasizing the urgency of implementing stringent measures to safeguard consumers. The absence of such labeling could compromise the integrity of the gambling market and hinder efforts to promote responsible gambling practices in an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Every day and every “Trisskrapet” that does not contain the mandatory consumer protection label is another lost day for a safe and secure gambling market.

Gustaf Hoffstedt, BOS general secretary

Moving forward, Svenska Spel must prioritize compliance with advertising regulations while authorities remain vigilant in upholding consumer protection standards. The resolution of the “Trisskrapet” controversy underscores the importance of transparency and accountability in gambling advertising, ensuring that consumers can make informed decisions in a regulated environment.

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