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Lucky Gambling Numbers: Mixing Fact, Maths and Superstition

There are potentially infinite lucky gambling numbers. This is to say that trying to single out one and pivot your entire gambling strategy on it would be a little short-sighted, to say the least. Yet, some numbers do tend to appear more in the Power Ball or even your local lottery, which could mean one of two things.

Your lottery is probably rigged or the draw has beaten some incredible odds. After all, winning the Power Ball with a single ticket is a 1 chance in 292,201,338, which is already high. This is where lucky numbers come in or at least where we hope they should come in.

As things stand, each contest is its own unique set of rules and a lucky number that may have worked in one may not necessarily work in the other. Each game of chance, whether this is the lottery or your average casino classic, plays to different conditions that need to be carefully observed and analyzed.

Is 7 the Luckiest Number on Earth?

The idea that one number may be luckier than another is a sort of cultural stereotype we are easily tempted into believing. Would it not be much easier if we had this one lucky number to fall back on every time we were in doubt?

The answer is – certainly. However, there is no evidence to suggest that there is just one number that brings us good fortune. In fact, there are infinitely many. Why do then people attribute greater value to 7 over most other numbers?

As it turns out, then number 7 is 25% more likely to be picked than any other number, and yet, it has not been drawn in many lotteries around the world for many years. This statistical excerpt already gives you a very convincing argument to consider 7 as not the lucky number you want to depend on.

On the one hand, the number is not very likely to get drawn. On the other, even if it did, you would probably have to share the prize with more people.

But why 7’s? It’s an interesting number not just because of some perceived cultural significance ascribed to it. The number is seen in other areas of human experience. We can retain information about up to seven items we have seen.

Our memory remembers things in 7’s and we can see the repetition of the number in nature as well. This omnipresence of the number seven, though, doesn’t necessarily mean that there is some inherent working in the cogwheels of the universe that would make the Power Ball or Mega Millions produce it more often than any other number.

In fact, it’s statistically unlikely to have the same numbers again in between draws, although this happens, so there is always that. Is 7 a good lucky number? Surely, but always take it with a grain of salt.

Take a Look at the Lucky Gambling Numbers in Lottery

If you want to start looking for the lucky lottery numbers that may work for you, you should start by analyzing the numbers from previous draws. Well-established organizations such as Mega Millions make sure to keep an accessible public record of their draws.

In the past 40 draws we looked at, 7 appeared in seven of the draws, and in over 70 of the draws there was a 60-69 number. Sometimes there were even two. This is not too much in the way of helping you pinpoint the winning numbers, but it’s a good start.

Observing patterns in the lottery won’t produce a lucky number that you can always rely on, but you would get access to some interesting underlying patterns.

For example, in only half of the instances where 7 appeared a 60-69 number followed. This doesn’t give you too much information right away, but it’s just one example of how you may observe trends in each draw.

The sheer volume of numbers is too big to spot lucky numbers and be absolutely sure that they are just that. However, you have a better chance of statistically winning by observing what numbers are circulating and keeping in mind that there is no actual lucky number golden standard out there that will help you win more.

So, it’s all going to come down to observation. Observing numbers is a good way to identify those that are actually more likely to hit. Now, all draws must be absolutely randomized.

Just on the off-chance that something is misfiring and producing one number more often than the rest, it’s always good to consider going with those. Check out what the most recent most common lucky numbers are, too.

Your Zodiac Sign and Sheer Randomness of the Universe

Some say that the universe is chaotic and others that it’s designed and orderly. Those who suspect that there may be a good degree of randomness in the universe always try to make sense of it.

Zodiac signs are quite popular because a constellation’s position in relation to your date of birth seems to give people some reassurance that it’s all part of a bigger design. Yet, the question is – can you trust the stars to guide you to the best set of lucky numbers?

Mathematics would tell you to take a hard look at the actual numbers then try to pinpoint them on the stars and act on what the majority of scientists describe as arbitrary rules. Yet, people continue to take their Zodiac signs into consideration.

An Aquarius and Gemini will probably have a “good day” on different days of the month, and there would be different challenges to address. However, there is no proof that lucky numbers can be determined by observing constellations and we strongly recommend you avoid this practice yourself.

There will be resources arguing that a certain Zodiac sign has a specific and pre-determined lucky number, too, but these are mostly easy solutions to questions that quite plainly don’t have an answer.

Of course, trusting your Zodiac sign and the occasional win will give you peace of mind but it should not be a guiding principle in helping you pick your next lucky number.

People do have favorite numbers, and they often call them their lucky numbers. Whether there is actual evidence to support this claim is another matter altogether. There are numbers that people do love, even if they aren’t certain why.

For example, one study in the United Kingdom showed that 7 was the favorite number for 12.6% of all respondents who participated in the UK Numbers Festival back in 2015. Another 6.8% said 4 made the cut for them.

There were other numbers as well, but just because public perception sides with numbers this doesn’t mean they are actually lucky gambling numbers. If anything, they are just numbers, and proving that they are more is a tall order.

So, are popular numbers something you should have on your next lottery ticket or craps bet? Probably not, but if there is actually statistical evidence to suggest that these numbers have been coming up on lottery draws in the past three years, there is a good reason to go for them.

After all, the public may appreciate these numbers specifically because they have made many people rich, and now public opinion holds them in high esteem. Randomness is quirky, it never makes sense, but it’s also fun when you are looking for your next lucky number.

Do You Have Lucky Numbers?

Last but not least, many people believe there is a lucky number with their name written on it. This could be a birth date, the day you met your significant other, although hardly anyone remembers that, or any other number that makes some sort of sense to you.

However, you are not statistically justified to attribute it more significance beyond what it means personally to you. Do you remember when Douglas Adams said that the answer to the universe and everything was 42? He was joking.

As it turns out, there is pleasant chaos in the universe. Chaos that we have not yet fully appreciated nor explored. Finding your lucky gambling numbers may make this chaos a little more predictable, but it would certainly render it a whole lot more boring, too.

After all, isn’t part of the fun not knowing?

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