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Top 10 Zombie-Proof Casinos: How to Survive the USA Apocalypse

Whether you buy into the premise or not, you must have asked yourself: what would I do to survive if the zombie apocalypse was upon us? Since Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, one of the possible answers could be – to fortify myself in a casino. But are America’s casinos zombie-proof enough and could they withstand the onslaught of waves upon waves of flesh-eating undead? This is precisely what we set out to explore in this article, bringing to your attention the 10 casinos in the United States that could have the highest odds of helping you make it in the unlikely event of an actual zombie outbreak.

1. The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Venetian Casino in Las Vegas

The Venetian Resort in Nevada has an ideal location, as it’s neatly enclosed by the other venues on the Las Vegas Strip, making it a small fortification, and therefore much easier to defend. It gets even better. The intricate design and layout, the opportunity to go up, left, right, and down, means that you will get to choose what parts of the casino to protect.

There is also the vastness of the view. The Venetian has plenty to offer in spaciousness, meaning that it’s unlikely for a zombie horde or even a few lumbering undead to sneak up on you undetected. Furthermore, the interior has a reputation for luxury and private rooms, meaning that you can further double down on controlling an even smaller part of the venue, as you ride it all out.

The Venetian Resort’s other reason for turning it into one of the most reliable options to fall back on when looking to ride out the zombie apocalypse is its resource base. The Venetian has more than 60 restaurants, meaning that if you manage to ride the pantries and ensure that the food is well-refrigerated you could potentially last decades.

Plus, The Venetian is drawing its energy from renewable sources, making it somewhat more reliable than a central-grid operation, making it not only a zombie-proof casino in a sense but also making it easier for survivors to sustain themselves.

Now for the bad news. Because the Venetian is surrounded by other properties, a zombie overflow is still a possibility. You may not be the only group of people competing for resources, although Hollywood’s societal breakdown and every-man-for-themselves picturing of events is mostly for dramatic effect than how we humans would behave in a calamity of biblical proportions.

Ultimately, The Venetian is one of the best places to hunker down if you absolutely must choose a casino, or are stuck in Las Vegas when a zombie outbreak hits.

2. Foxwoods Resort Casino, Connecticut

Foxwoods Resort Casino

Admittedly, there are better choices of venue when looking to protect yourself and ride out the zombie apocalypse – hopefully because stowaway scientists are this close to discovering a cure. Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut is one of those locations. As a remote community, Foxwoods is situated in the state’s countryside, making it fairly cut off, and well protected.

The woods surrounding the properties allow for the venue to be hidden from sight and use the trees and rocks as an outer protective ring, making it harder to find by mindless zombies. Plus, there are very few entry points that are approachable, making it much easier to defend. Foxwoods though has been investing in self-sustainability over the years, which is precisely what makes it stand out.

The community has its power which feeds into the casino as well as residential areas, a water treatment facility, and even enough farming land to ensure that survivors may keep busy and produce their own food and not rely on perishable or frozen supplies, although those will help just as much.

On balance, Foxwoods Resort Casino is probably one of the quietest places to ride out the zombie apocalypse for years on end and one of the best zombie-proof casinos.

There are some other things to pay attention to. Foxwoods may be entrenched in a nature-carved enclave, but the limited way in means a limited way out.

Zombie infiltration is harder to detect when you have miles upon miles of camouflage vegetation which could alert sentries about the presence of zombies too late to stave off the initial onslaught, and being isolated and not witnessing the horrors of the pandemic first-hand could breed complacency among survivors.

Foxwoods’ survival is also somewhat contingent on the ability of neighboring Mohegan Sun to hold its ground.

3. Mohegan Sun, Connecticut

Mohegan Sun Casino

Mohegan Sun in Connecticut is another tribal gaming property that could in fact be an excellent choice if you are looking for a zombie-proof casino. The Mohegan Sun complex is similarly self-reliant, well-fortified, and a remote property which means that it will have fewer challenges to face in the short term.

Because of the fact it is a tribal property, the Mohegan Sun’s network of Native American connections could build a vibrant hub of survivors who thrive based on their connections and ability to come together. The property has a great view and can survey the landscape, with water basins around it and limited road accessibility.

Mohegan Sun is in the organized part of Uncasville, but it has an easy escape road to Foxwoods, which is a 15-minute car drive, or alternative, an hour trek. Mohegan Sun’s survivability is mostly based on the fact that it could easily cut outside access and decide on an escape plan if things get hairy in the city. The resort’s ample resources would mean little in at least several dire scenarios.

One is a zombie outbreak that is too quick to even react to with throngs of flesh-eaters overwhelming any urban area. The other is if the complex is infiltrated before it’s properly sealed off. Still, out of the casinos in the United States, Mohegan Sun comes high on the list of possible casinos to survive the zombie apocalypse.

4. Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, Reno, Nevada

Atlantis Casino Resort

Although the Venetian in Las Vegas may be a great spot to fortify yourself, it still suffers from one serious disadvantage. It’s overly urbanized, near so many other possible venues that could sap its advantage, and worse. Nevada is still a great place to be if you are looking to survive the zombie apocalypse, and doubly so if you are looking to hanker down in a casino.

But instead of heading for Las Vegas, try Reno, and specifically, the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa. There are several reasons why this venue could be a great place to be should the zombie apocalypse arrive unannounced. First, the pantries are well-stocked as Atlantis is celebrated for its gastronomical variety.

It is in the desert and utilizes solar panels to meet its electricity needs, meaning that you can freeze food and ensure that perishables won’t spoil for years. Despite being in the desert, Reno is close to agricultural foods, which means that fresh produce will be available. The casino and resort’s facilities are easily converted into a great post-apocalyptic society as well.

Infiltrating the venue from outside is very difficult, as the landscape around it is mostly barren and the Atlantis is built against a small hilly area. The potential dangers for the venues are rooted in its isolation. The desert landscape means that if worse comes to worse, survivors may be left out in the middle of nowhere without food to survive.

5. Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast, Mississippi

Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast

The Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast in Mississippi is another excellent place to pick should you ever wonder where best to ride out the zombie end days. The property is up against a waterfront in the Bay of St Louis, making it a well-fortified venue. As to the actual size of Hollywood Casino, the venue is not too spacious, it has limited entrance points, but may have a few issues with the ground floor as there are plenty of windows in there.

Yet, the heavy gaming equipment can be moved to ensure that no zombie is able to pass through. Ideally, though survivors want to utilize their good view of the terrain to ensure that zombies are stopped much farther out. The Hollywood Casino is also very close to industrial facilities such as shipyards and factories, meaning that additional fortifications can be hauled in. The Gulf community is also known to be very tight-knit, and there is enough food in supermarkets to guarantee an immediate stock of food and resources. The waterfront also allows fishing and exploitation of water resources, and St Louis Bay is directly connected to the Gulf of Mexico providing escape routes and fishing resources.

Of course, the drawback with the Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast is the fact that it may be a little too exposed if neighboring urban areas are overwhelmed, making it harder to forage for resources. Farming is also not a good idea as there are too many vulnerabilities, but fishing seems to be an ever-present option. As an escape route survivors may build a fleet of ships, and it all seems manageable given the area’s very low population density.

6. Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort, Michigan

Soaring Eagle Michigan

Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Michigan makes for another good place to be should the zombie apocalypse hit unannounced. The venue’s advantages are numerous, but much like Gun Lake Casino we will discuss in a little while, the property is isolated and not immediately surrounded by urban areas. This means that even if there was a zombie outbreak, it could take a while to get to the casino.

The proximity of Mt Pleasant means that resources may be gathered, although the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort is remarkably self-sufficient. It’s mostly located against greenery and woods, making it somewhat hidden from the eye, although zombies tend to roam around aimlessly and are bound to run into the property sooner or later.

The terrain makes it both easy to defend and navigate, but once again it may be harder to detect every approach onto the property, which is why it’s important to set sturdy defense parameters and have a plan for any situation – including a sudden zombie onslaught. The good news is that this is very manageable in general.

Another good point could be the casino’s experience in managing tourists, which could allow it to also apply these lessons to crisis management and ensure that survivors band together and stay alert and determined to survive.

The property itself can be easily defended by blocking the main entrances, and although you may spot a zombie approach a little later than you would feel comfortable with, there is sufficient time to stick to drilled emergency plans and hold your ground.

7. Ameristar Casino Resort Spa, Black Hawk, Colorado

Ameristar Casino

We particularly enjoy Ameristar Casino Resort Spa in Black Hawk, Colorado. Situated at a good altitude, an immediate zombie approach is not very likely. Nestled in the mountains and in an area with a generally low population density means that the Ameristar Casino Resort Spa makes for a prime spot to be if you wish to not just survive the zombie apocalypse but remain detached from it altogether.

The rocky terrains make it exceptionally difficult to travel freely outside of public infrastructure that can be barricaded easily and with little effort and expense of resources. Because of its location in Black Hawk, the local community is more closely knit than other cities, and people are used to each other, and know each other.

This means that they will be motivated to survive come what may. Of course, there are difficulties to address as well. Renewable energy is not really an option to the same extent as the one generated in the desert from solar panels. Food scarcity could mean that foraging parties venture further out.

Venturing out of Black Hawk, there are farms in the area, which means that survivors may use the city and the Ameristar Casino as a redoubt and operate farming facilities at a lower altitude, and stock for the winter months. The strong fortification potential of the Ameristar makes it one of the best zombie-proof casinos on our list, with the small caveat that you would need to be involved in food production and food storage and not as reliant on renewable energy sources.

8. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Biloxi, Mississippi

Hard Rock Biloxi Casino

Another Gulf Coast casino, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi could be a prime venue to ride out the zombie apocalypse. There are numerous reasons why this is the case. First off, you have an escape to the water, which is always good. Even if zombies could swim, survivors could have a fleet on the ready to abandon the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in an emergency scenario.

Yet, the property itself is well fortified, can access industrial materials, and enjoys a low population density in the area. The locals are also hardened as they have battled natural disasters and the elements for centuries, meaning that they are aware of how to survive in difficult situations that are no less deadly than an actual zombie outbreak.

The good fortification position of the casino is where residents may fall back. To make use of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, survivors need to be proactive. They must stockpile food and resources, have an escape route to the waterfront, and prepare for natural disasters. If a zombie invasion strikes at the same time as a hurricane, the results can be catastrophic.

Yet, the community’s resilience and built-in hardiness give the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino band of survivors a good chance of making it out.

9. Pechanga Resort Casino, California

Pechanga Resort and casino Zombie Casinos

The Pechanga Resort Casino is another well-picked venue that you may want to consider if you have the luxury of choosing where to retreat to in Southern California to hold out against the onslaught of zombie hordes. The Pechanga Resort Casino is a tribal property that is by default a little more isolated as the casino is based on tribal land where permissions are not easily granted to build just anything.

The infrastructure surrounding the casino is in good shape and it allows for quick moving in and out of the area. There are residential areas, farming communities, and a deep connection between residents which makes them more likely to come together and resist as opposed to scurrying off in separate directions.

The Pechanga Resort Casino is also a solid construction that presents residents and visitors with a solid fort to fall back on should zombies start appearing in the area. The natural landscape is one of hills, rocks, and forests, making it hard for zombies to pass through but also easier for their movement to be concealed.

Yet, with sufficient coordination, sentries, and even technology, the Pechanga is a great redoubt. The resort is also committed to utilizing everything from food waste to other leftover materials into impactful resources. Even in non-zombie apocalypse days, the Pechanga is setting a very good example of self-sustainability that will only become stronger should an actual zombie pandemic hit.

As to the weaknesses, undetected infiltration, complacency, or sloppiness on the part of survivors could all spell doom for them. Another scenario is a throng of zombies that simply overruns the area.

10. Gun Lake Casino, Michigan

Gun Lake Casino

Last but hardly least we have Gun Lake Casino in Michigan. Once again, Gun Lake Casino is in a region and a state that is known for its rural landscapes, meaning that food is plentiful and that people in the region are actually at least somewhat aware of how to grow their own produce.

The vastness of the landscape of course creates some issues with zombies approaching undetected or ambushing farmers, but operating a tight community out of Gun Lake Casino is completely possible, with sharp sentries stationed around fields and enough eyes to watch for an approaching horde or even lumbering loners.

Gun Lake Casino is isolated too, so it makes things somewhat easier to avoid the initial infection or get an early warning about the dangers. There are rivers, a highway, and enough vegetation surrounding the casino to provide shelter, material, and possibly produce. Scavenging runs are easy, as the highway and interconnecting roads allow survivors to travel virtually anywhere in the state they wish.

Much of the land is arable. As to the complex, it stands out and is not huddled in trees, but this is not necessarily a weakness. In fact, it provides an ample view of the casino’s surroundings, making it easier to spot a zombie approach.

The casino is also tied to the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians so it can build community relationships that can foster a civilization despite the threat of a zombie invasion and prove a redoubt in Michigan and the return to normalcy.


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