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Philadelphia Eagles Partners with EEG for Madden Tournaments

Esports Entertainment Group (EEG) has joined the Philadelphia Eagles for a series of bi-annual tournaments for EA’s popular NFL Madden video game.

EEG and Philadelphia Eagles Team up for Esports Tournaments

Esports Entertainment Group is entering a multi-year partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles, an NFL franchise. As a result, EEG is the first organization to officially team up with a football team to specifically provide the franchise with a dedicated esports tournament.

EEG will host a bi-annual Madden NFL esports tournament, with the Eagles tapping into the Esports Gaming League platform, a dedicated solution that powers competitive video gaming across multiple games, including EA’s NFL Madden series.

As part of the partnership, the Eagles will join EEG as a shareholder. Commenting on the partnership, Catherine Carlson, SVP of Revenue and Strategy for the Philadelphia Eagles, said that the partnership was an “innovative and wonderful opportunity” for the sports outfit to expand into new markets and bring new experiences for the team’s fans.

Carlson commended EEG on its leadership position in esports entertainment and expressed confidence that its ability to bring fans together will transcend physical and digital borders for a unified experience for all, adding:

“We look forward to debuting a number of exciting projects through this partnership, including the launch of the highly anticipated Madden tournament series on the Esports Gaming League platform.”

Catherine Carlson, SVP of Revenue and Strategy for the Philadelphia Eagles

Building a Loyal Fan Base and Following across Multiple Verticals

EEG will tap into Philadelphia Eagles IP and assets and leverage them across local markets. There will be custom videos featuring the team’s players as well as special campaigns to promote the tournaments. The latest partnership is also an opportunity for the team to expand its growing outreach in the digital domain.

EEG CEO Grant Johnson has praised the partnership, arguing that the entire organization was thrilled to welcome the Eagles into the esports family. EEG is now looking forward to expand its reach with dedicated fan bases and drive growth for the franchise.

“Our tournament segment is a key component of our Three Pillar growth strategy,” pitched in EEG EVP Esports Magnus Leppäniemi. The tie-up with the Eagles would demonstrate EEG’s platform ability to deliver and adjust to new formats and bring value across numerous markets, Leppäniemi added.

The Esports Gaming League has repeatedly delivered on and organized world-class esports tournaments and the latest alliance with the Philadelphia Eagles is a testament to the company’s expertise in the competitive video gaming segment.


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