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Drake’s Curse Broken as Chiefs Win the Big Game

Much to the surprise of believers in the Drake curse, the Chiefs ended up defeating the 49ers

A few days ago rapper Drake posted a huge bet on the Kansas City Chiefs to defeat the San Francisco 49ers during the Super Bowl. Needless to say, the Drake curse had Chiefs’ fans really concerned.

Drake’s curse refers to a suggestion that every team backed by the popular singer would lose. The idea stems from Drake’s avid betting activity, which, more often than not, results in him losing a lot of money.

While for some people Drake’s Curse is nothing more than a joke, some bettors take it somewhat seriously and think twice before placing their bet behind an athlete backed by the rapper.

As someone who likes to make his huge bets public, Drake fuels concerns among sports fans whenever he backs a team. Some of his recent bets included wagers on UFC’s Sean Strickland and Israel Adesanya. Both of them ended up losing their matches. A previous bet on Logan Paul to beat Dillon Danis with a knockout, on the other hand, cost Drake some $1.3 million since Danis ended up disqualified.

However, Drake’s decision to back the Kansas City Chiefs proved to be the right one, breaking the notorious Drake curse.

Drake Breaks the Curse for a Second Year in a Row

A few days ago, Drake placed a $1.15 million wager on the Kansas City Chiefs, hoping that they would defeat the San Francisco 49ers during last weekend’s Big Game.

Much to the surprise of believers in the Drake curse, the Chiefs ended up defeating the 49ers, defending their title. This victory not only broke the infamous Drake curse but also cemented the Chiefs as the first team to win two back-to-back Super Bowl events since the New England Patriots in 2004. This is also the Chiefs’ third victory in five years, solidifying the team as one of the powerhouses in professional football.

This is also not the first time Drake has backed the Chiefs. Last year, the rapper wagered some $700,000 on the team to defeat the Eagles, which they did. In an Instagram post, the rapper admitted that he cannot force himself to wager against the Chiefs:

I can’t bet against the swifties.


According to Drake’s betslip, his correct prediction has netted him some $2.34 million.


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