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Drake Wagers $430,000 on UFC Matches, Loses Again

Drake may be primarily famous for his hit songs but within the gambling community, he is also famous for his big-time wagering losses. The Canadian singer is known as an avid UFC bettor and tends to place huge wagers on big fights. His bets may sometimes pay off but most of the time, they do not. Fans have begun to jokingly refer to Drake’s losing streaks as the “Drake curse.”

The Drake Curse Came Back to Haunt the Rapper

Last week, Drake once again picked up to place a wager. The rapper, who is also the operator’s brand ambassador, placed two big bets on the match between Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards during the UFC 278 event.

Drake, who usually picks the underdog, decided to instead pick the public’s favorite. In this case, Usman had a significant popularity advantage over his opponent. Because of this, Drake trusted the public’s opinion and wagered $149,000, believing the Nigerian would take down his adversary with a knockout. Drake also bet $49,000 that the game would be over in the fourth round.  

Unfortunately, the rapper’s curse kicked in and prevented him from winning the wagers.

Usman Lost to Edwards

Usman, who was defending his title, opened the match fairly weakly, allowing Edwards to humble him with a takedown. In the following rounds, Usman managed to maintain his composure and even seemed to overturn the game.

The fifth round saw Usman completely dominate the British. It seemed as if the game is settled when Edwards feigned a jab only to land a devastating kick to Usman’s head. The latter immediately went down. The match was Edward’s and so was the UFC welterweight title.

Not only didn’t the game end in the fourth round, as Drake predicted, but his preferred champion also ended up losing. As exciting as the match was, it left the rapper’s pockets $200,000 lighter. To add salt to the injury, Edwards addressed Drake’s bets. The fighter jokingly mocked the singer for mistrusting him and placing a bet on his opponent.

Next time, bet on me, get more Rolexes that you gave Molly and Paddy. Send one my way.

Leon Edwards to Drake

Edwards also spoke a bit about his match against Usman. He revealed that he thinks he could have done better and described the game as one of the worst of his career. Now that he has been crowned welterweight champion, Edwards hopes to do better.

On a final note, Drake had recently broken the Drake curse by betting on the favorite. During the match between Israel Adesanya and Jared Cannonier in UFC 276, the Canadian won a significant bet. However, it seems like the rapper’s losing streak is back. In addition to the Edwards-Usman loss, Drake also lost about $230,000 by placing a losing bet on the match between Jose Aldo and Merab Dvalishvili.  


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