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Dave Portnoy Angry at Gambling after Losing a “Monster Bet”

Many bettors lost big wagers on the Bills after the team lost its lead to the Eagle

Dave Portnoy, the controversial founder of Barstool Sports, has expressed his disgruntlement with gambling amid a frustrating National Football League game. The game between the Buffalo Bills and the Philadelphia Eagles really didn’t sit well with the founder who lost a large bet.

Portnoy, who said that he had placed a “monster bet” on the Bills, believes that neither the team nor the referees did their job. According to the Barstool founder, the referees should have intervened after a horse collar tackle on Josh Allen.

In addition to that, the Bills had multiple chances to take the lead but failed to capitalize on them, infuriating Portnoy. The disgruntled gambler, who kept on commenting on the game on X, claimed that this game would make him quit gambling.

Alleging that the entire match had been rigged, Portnoy also implied that the Eagles’ Jake Elliott managed to score a 59-yard field goal at the end of regulation only to jeopardize his bet.

Unreal kick. If you tackle the guy instead of knock it down Bills win. Only reason that went in is cause I got a monster bet on the Bills. This game is over. Sorry Buffalo.

Dave Portnoy

The Bills’ Loss Devastated Gamblers

Portnoy is not the only bettor let down by the Bills’ performance during the last game and the referees’ decisions. Many bettors lost big wagers on the Bills after the team lost its lead to the Eagles. Some of them expressed their support for Portnoy, while others were convinced that the game was overturned because of the Eagles’ spectacular performance.

Portnoy later commented on the New York Post’s article about his disgruntlement with the game, saying that the headline had left him speechless.

Portnoy is an avid gambler who has been passionate about betting on sports for a long while. However, the Barstool founder is currently on an unlucky streak.

In other news, Portnoy recently “returned to the pirate ship” as he repurchased Barstool Sports from PENN Entertainment. The latter company decided to divest the sportsbook after its recent agreement with ESPN introduced a number of complex changes.

PENN Entertainment has now launched ESPN Bet, which has quickly cemented itself as one of the fastest-growing platforms in the US.


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