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Illinois: Harrah’s Casino Patron Arrested for Aggravated DUI

After consuming an excessive amount of alcohol, the person left the casino with his car and was arrested for driving under the influence

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a criminal offense punishable by law across the United States. It involves the operation or control of vehicles by individuals who are under the influence of narcotics or alcohol, substances that impair their abilities. Depending on the state, DUI is punishable by fines, revocation of driver’s license, imprisonment and/or community service. While first-time offenses are generally not subject to tough penalties, Aggravated DUI is usually classified as a felony.

On Sunday, law enforcement in Joliet, Illinois, was contacted regarding a person who allegedly left a downtown casino with a car after consuming lots of alcohol, a new report suggests. As announced by Patch, a 45-year-old Plainfield man identified with the initials J.C., was accused of DUI and arrested last week.

The arrest and subsequent charges came after Joliet police officers responded to a call about an intoxicated driver who left Harrah’s Joliet Casino & Hotel on Sunday evening. According to Dwayne English, a spokesperson for Joliet police, the incident occurred at approximately 11:25 PM. At the time, the person was asked by the casino’s security to leave the property after consuming an excessive amount of alcohol.

While the security officer asked the person not to leave by car, allegedly, the 45-year-old Plainfield resident left Harrah’s Casino with his GMC Denali. Spotted near Joliet Street and Clinton Street, the person was stopped by police officers after he was seen using his phone while driving.

The Person Was Charged with Aggravated DUI

Joliet police officers claimed that the person showed signs of impairment while talking to them. Moreover, the Plainfield resident did not agree to perform field sobriety tests which resulted in him being arrested. Upon searching the alleged culprit’s vehicle, police recovered an open alcohol container.

After the arrest, the person was taken to the police station which was located two blocks away from where he was stopped. Due to the incident, the person was charged with Aggravated DUI with law enforcement confirming that this was his third or subsequent offense.

Besides Aggravated DUI, the Plainfield resident was cited for improper turn, transportation of an open alcohol container by a driver and two counts of traffic-related offenses. Considering the Aggravated DUI, the 45-year-old was released by law enforcement on a Notice to Appear. It is yet to be confirmed what penalty he may face for the alleged incident.


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