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Better Change to Help SCCG Management with Responsible Gambling

Another initiative in tackling problem gambling emerges from SCCG Management and Better Change. The pair have announced a new partnership that will aim at dealing with problem gambling at a time when online gambling is being legalized around the world and its prevalence can be felt in most countries.

Better Change is a Gibraltar company that provides multi-channel content creation and professional services to partners who want to bolster their responsible gambling tools and amplify their consumer protection messages.

Building a Sustainable Gambling Industry

According to SCCG Management founder and CEO Stephen Crystal, operators are aware of the increasing importance of responsible gambling. The sustainability and robust financial results of the industry are now predicated on consumers who are safe and healthy.

Crystal believes that the regulated gambling industry has been at the core of developing and implementing the tools necessary to maintain a high level of consumer protection as well as bolster awareness, slash risk and generally provide support in those cases where intervention is necessary.

As Crystal puts it, companies such as Better Change are a natural part of the evolution of the industry. The executive has a point, as Better Change predicates its experience on careful approach towards problem gambling, and its prevention.

The company focuses on analyzing both what an operator has to offer and how it can better protect vulnerable individuals who are susceptible to excess gambling. Better Change strives to incorporate its offer into that of its partners so that they can operate as normal while benefiting from a strengthened offer that protects consumers.

Consumer Protection in Focus

Better Change founder Victoria Reed has said that player protection is becoming an increasingly important focus for operators in the industry, adding:

“By partnering with operators and suppliers to help them raise standards through improved compliance, innovative social responsibility strategies, and the provision of robust safer gambling tools designed to maximize player protection, we can sustain our industry and deliver clear, sustainable, and progressive results for our partners and their players.”

Better Change founder Victoria Reed

Reed added that the company was happy to be teaming up with SCCG management and help the company continue its path to delivering unrivalled gaming experience while bolstering the company’s player protection and general regulatory readiness.

SCCG has been able to establish numerous partnerships over the last month, including collaborations with Play Caller Sports and Sporting Solutions.


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