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SCCG to Provide Xite with Advisory Services

The lottery innovator Xite Holdings has secured SCCG Management’s advisory help ahead of the global rollout of the AZ Billions product

SCCG Management, a full service consultancy for companies in the gaming sector, has announced a new agreement with Xite Holdings, an esteemed alphabet lottery company. Under the newly-minted agreement, the former company will provide its new partner with advisory services.

Xite Holdings Wants to Innovate the Lottery Sector

As highlighted in SCCG Management’s official announcement, the company will provide Xite Holdings’ alphabet lottery products and platforms with valuable advice. The consultancy will help to develop its new ally’s business, advising it on how to make the most out of its unique take on jackpot lottery.

Xite Holdings offers lottery experiences that use an alphabetical format instead of the traditional numeric one. The company works alongside many charity organizations and is committed to generating revenue through the sale of lottery entries. Xite also seeks to utilize the best corporate practices and maintain the highest security standards for its team and customers.

Xite Holdings’ alphabetical lottery, AZ Billions, is awaiting international patent and will be launched globally through the company’s internationally licensed lottery platform. As a result, Xite will be managing many markets at once and will be needing SCCG’s assistance. The latter company will leverage its officers in Brazil Mexico, Australia, Uganda, India and the United Kingdom to help Xite Holdings develop its business.

SCCG Will Support Other Products in Xite’s Pipeline

Craig Austin, Xite Holdings’ founder and chief executive officer, said that his entire team is thrilled to be working with SCCG Management. He noted that his company is very confident in the uniqueness of its lottery offering and is looking forward to distributing it globally.

According to Austin, the scope of the partnership with SCCG is the most important thing about the deal as it will allow Xite to take its business to the next level. He concluded that SCCG will also support the other products his team has in store.

Along with AZ Billions, Xite Holdings have a number of other products in the pipeline and with SCCG we look forward to bringing these to the market in the near future. Exciting times for Xite Holdings LTD and lottery players worldwide.

Craig Austin, CEO, Xite Holdings

Stephen Crystal, SCCG Management’s founder and chief executive officer, also shared his thoughts on the deal. He said that his team can’t wait to work with Xite Holdings and support its unique AZ Billions offering. He vowed to assist the lottery innovator with distributing its lottery offerings.

We plan to utilize our global presence and extensive gaming industry network to help Xite Holdings bring their innovative lottery products to market.

Stephen Crystal, CEO, SCCG Management

A month ago, BF Games also contracted SCCG Management to guide its NA push.


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