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SCCG Management to Support Play Caller Sports’ Launch

Gambling industry-focused consultancy SCCG Management has entered a partnership with the sports fan engagement platform Play Caller Sports. The deal was announced by Stephen Crystal, SCCG Management’s chief executive officer and founder.

Jumpstarting Play Caller Sports’ Business

As a part of the newly-signed agreement, SCCG Management will support Play Caller Sports’ forthcoming release on the market by providing it with valuable advice on how to improve its business and clever strategies to boost its appeal within the gambling world.

Crystal shed some light on the new deal between the two parties. He mentioned that the partnership with Play Callers Sports is a part of SCCG Management’s goal of teaming up with the industry innovators within the sports entertainment industry with broad applications to the casino gaming industry.

Crystal added that providing “strategic guidance and business development support” is especially crucial in a company’s early stages of development. This is where SCCG Management comes in and helps a newcomer company take its appeal a step further.

“Play Caller Sports has a talented team that is focused on one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing areas of our industry,” Crystal said.

SCCG Management’s chief executive finally added that he was looking forward to propagating Play Caller Sports through its network of strategic partners and influencers.

SCCG: Guiding Industry Newcomers and Veterans Alike

Play Caller Sports is planned as an innovative fan engagement platform that offers both fantasy sports and sports betting. It aims to reach the demographics of some of the most popular sports leagues like the National Football League, the National Basketball League, and the Major League Baseball. Play Caller Sports also plans content for the more global soccer scene.

The SCCG Management consultancy is a driving force for many new and/or developing gambling brands. It gives support to both iGaming-oriented and land-based industry newcomers and popularizes their brands so they can jumpstart their business. SCCG helps betting operators learn more about how to represent themselves before the government, especially when there are important regulatory matters at hand.

SCCG Management’s services can also be beneficial to industry veterans who are looking to expand their business and reach new regions with different regulatory rules. For example, this summer SCCG inked a deal with the European B2B market-leading betting industry supplier Sporting Solutions. The deal aimed to get Sporting Solutions ready for the North American market by introducing it to the local gambling regulations and helping it to accelerate the entry process.


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