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Gold Strike Casino Resort Enhances Betting with PinPoint Geofencing

Tunica-based Gold Strike Casino Resort has taken the visitors’ betting experience a level higher while keeping it safe with the help of cybersecurity firm GeoComply’s geofencing solution PinPoint.

PinPoint Eliminates Betting Fraud Within the Casino Perimeter

GeoComply is a company that focuses on fraud detection tech. With its PinPoint geofencing technology, GeoComply helps its partners maintain the integrity of their offerings by mitigating any potential cyber harm.

With PinPoint in place, Gold Strike Casino Resort became the first local operator to launch safe and regulated on-premise mobile sports wagering on BetMGM’s platform. On-premise means that the casino players and visitors can bet through their own mobile phones and tablets instead of waiting in line to place a bet at a kiosk or through a terminal.

They can do so from all parts of the casino and its adjacent restaurants. The cutting-edge PinPoint Technology uses Bluetooth beacons to ensure that those visitors can safely make a wager while complying with all of Mississippi’s gambling laws and regulations.

A New Betting Era for Mississippi

PinPoint’s general manager, Sam Basile, proudly mentioned that only PinPoint’s features and capabilities made Gold Strike’s on-site mobile betting possible.

“To create a geofence that permits patrons to wager solely within the Gold Strike casino floor and restaurants, while excluding the hotel tower and adjacent parking is a complex use case that is only made possible by our PinPoint technology,” Basile said. Basile was excited to be able to join this “historic next chapter in Mississippi commercial gaming”.

Not only will this make the gambling experience smoother and more enjoyable to Gold Strike’s patrons, but it will also add another layer of security in uncertain pandemic times.

BetMGM’s chief architect, Kevin Allan, recognized the importance of having strong allies and revealed that the operator’s long-term technical strategy is to have the finest partners in all of the industry. Allan believes that the partnership with GeoComply is a “critical first” that will greatly enhance the experience of Gold Strike visitors by allowing them to bet in BetMGM’s industry-leading mobile sportsbook.

GeoComply’s tech solutions aim to establish a strong and healthy gambling ecosystem by keeping it reserved only for those within the regulated betting market can play. The company’s products have mostly proven their worth as they have kept much of the cyber fraud outside of the gambling space where GeoComply is operational. One recorded case of GeoComply’s software malfunctioning showed that even when not working properly, the software focuses on keeping people out, instead of letting everyone in.


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