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Sporting Solutions Partners with SCCG Management for Market Entry

Sporting Solutions looks determined to enter the North American sports betting market after the partnership deal with the European-based sportsbook and lottery technology provider signed with Las Vegas-based gaming consultancy SCCG Management. The B2B division of the UK´s widely respected Sporting Group is looking to utilize the consultancy company’s expertise to accelerate its entry into the market.

Proprietary Technology to Disrupt US Markets

Sporting Solutions is looking to supply to US operators fully automated solutions for pricing and risk management that leverage and incorporate techniques from the global financial markets to generate the odds in real-time, as well as its leading sportsbook and trader tooling applications. Its extensive suite of proprietary models built on a wide range of official data and pricing and trading expertise has been recently complemented by new features designed to enhance customer experience and improve performance for the operators.

“We are pleased to be bringing SCCG Management on board to assist with our North American operations and have high hopes for the opportunities the partnership will present. Our combined expertise will serve as a major advantage as we move to fast-track our growth strategy in the region and build on our strong international brand presence to gain market share in sports betting states.”

Edward Peace, Managing Director, Sporting Solutions

Headquartered in Las Vegas, SCCG Management has gained extensive experience in the US gaming and sports betting markets and will provide proper business development and strategic support for Sporting Solutions. The consultancy company also has expertise in facilitating other European gaming brands, among which Betfred and Bettorlogic, to establish a presence in US markets.

“Sporting Solutions” value proposition is unique in the way it helps operators deliver a bespoke, highly differentiated sports betting experience to their customers… We will work closely together to cement the company’s unique market position, leveraging their established skills and products as well as our experience in driving growth in the ever-changing sports betting landscape.”

Stephen Crystal, Managing Partner, SCCG Management

SCCG Management believes its new partner will prove highly disruptive in the US market as its pricing, risk management and software solutions have proven to improve hold percentages, grow handle and win market share for their partners in highly competitive markets around the world.

Sporting Solutions provides betting services for more than 40 operators in regulated jurisdictions, including many of the best-known bookmakers in the UK and internationally.


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