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Evolution’s CPO: AI Can Open a New Chapter for Slot Production

Haushalter is optimistic about the future of slots, as he believes there is a lot of untapped potential

Evolution, a leading B2B solution provider, trusts in the power of AI for slot production. The company’s chief product officer, Todd Haushalter, addressed the potential of AI during a recent event in Malta, iGaming Next reported.

Haushalter commented on the opportunities that AI offers, saying that one of Evolution’s development teams recently experimented with AI. The developers, according to Haushalter, leveraged the capabilities of an AI program known as Midjourney to create 80% of the artwork for a new game.

Midjourney, like other AI tools, uses a prompt to generate content, in this case – visual images and custom artwork.

The CPO explained that the team took the images produced by the AI, cleaned them up and enhanced them to make them suitable for the game. According to him, AI can offer a lot to the gaming industry, helping developers optimize their pipeline and improve their SEO.

Haushalter noted that this will be a great opportunity for smaller studios, which may otherwise struggle with the production of content. However, AI-generated images would also benefit bigger companies, Haushalter believes.

The Future Excites Haushalter

AI or not, Haushalter is optimistic about the future of slots, as he believes there is a lot of untapped potential. Luckily, even a small startup can begin to produce slots, allowing newcomers to join the sector, bringing in fresh ideas.

Live casino, on the other hand, has much higher requirements. The vertical usually needs massive investments and organizational effort, making it much harder for smaller companies to explore.
However, even slot production tends to be very competitive at the higher levels. Haushalter noted that even the powerhouses of today can be quickly outmatched if they aren’t diligent enough.

Sharing his predictions for the future, Haushalter suggested that many iGaming titles might find their way into brick-and-mortar casinos – contrary to the current trends where traditional titles would often get digitalized.

The CPO believes that the convergence of traditional casino gaming and iGaming is an exciting moment for the industry, providing companies with many opportunities to innovate.

Evolution Continues to Grow

On a separate note, Evolution is not only keen to innovate but is also bullish on expanding its global business. May was a favorable month for the company as it saw her pen several deals with major gaming companies.

In mid May, Evolution joined forces with REEVO and, two weeks later, formed a Pennsylvania-facing agreement with Caesars Digital. The month also saw the company expand its existing partnership with Galaxy Gaming.


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