September 6, 2023 3 min read


Pillow Fight Championship Inks Strategic Deal With SCCG

The new strategic collaboration with SCCG Management is expected to propel the popularity of PFC and help it reach new audiences

The pioneering advisory firm delivering services for the global gambling industry, SCCG Management, announced a new strategic partnership with Pillow Fight Championship (PFC), the up-and-coming innovative sports league. Details regarding the new collaboration emerged Tuesday and seek to boost PFC’s exposure and enable it to engage with new audiences. Per the new deal, the sports league will leverage SCCG’s experience and solutions to help reach new audiences.

The PFC pits together trained boxers and MMA fighters, giving them access to the ancient play weapon, the pillow. The sport is quickly attracting new fans and audiences, with popularity increasing across the globe. Fans of the new and innovative sports league can witness strategic skills, including strength and stamina, providing elevated thrill and excitement.

At the same time, the PFC delivers a different form of unparalleled fun which is a testament to the potential of the innovative sports league. Early last month, PFC made its debut on ESPN2, delivering thrilling experiences without blood. By teaming up with SCCG, the league anticipates expansion and growth on a global scale.

Under the terms of the new partnership, SCCG will provide PFC with different business development services, including solutions for ticketing, capital raising, hospitality and sponsorships. The company will also power the league with services that will help with gamification, licensing, media rights and other important processes related to business growth and development. According to SCCG, Thomas Christopher assisted with the facilitation of the new partnership.

The Collaboration Brings Excitement to the Duo

Stephen Crystal, SCCG’s founder and CEO, said that the company is thrilled to join forces with the PFC. He spoke about the league’s unique niche, acknowledging that it holds significant potential. Finally, Crystal pointed out: “This is a match made in heaven – or perhaps, on a comfortable pillow.’

PFC has tapped into a unique and dynamic sports category that seamlessly blends physical skills, strategy, and is massively entertaining. We’re thrilled to bring our expertise in the niche sports sector to further amplify PFC’s global reach and potential.

Stephen Crystal, CEO and founder of SCCG Management

Steve Williams, PFC’s CEO, was similarly excited and said that the league is happy to join forces with SCCG. He explained that the company is positioned well to propel the growth of PFC and help it expand its fan base even further.

Williams said that the choice to team up with SCCG was easy, considering their extensive experience within the sports vertical. Finally, he predicted that the partnership will help promote the popularity of PFC and allow the league to grow exponentially.


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