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SCCG Management Extends Alliance with OddsAI

SCCG Management is increasing its presence in artificial intelligence with the extension of an alliance with an experienced platform

Moving forward, SCCG Management will continue to work with OddsAI, which is a sports betting odds firm that utilizes AI to drive results and deliver to partners robust experiences in the sports wagering vertical.

Leveraging the Power of AI to Build on Stronger Partnerships

This is a partnership extension of an already existing collaboration between the two, with the Australian company teaming up with SCCG Management originally in February last year, and using this alliance as an opportunity to introduce its own products to the North American region. This new partnership comes shortly after SCCG signed an agreement with Snapscreen for access to the latter’s innovative-live betting video recognition.

OddsAI CEO Jack Atkinson has welcomed the chance to work closely with SCCG Management over the past year and have this renewed opportunity to continue working together and deliver outstanding experiences together. Atkinson added:

Thanks to SCCG’s network of influence we have successfully and comprehensively proven our ML & AI technology which gives us a significant low-cost edge in the betting service provider space.

OddsAI CEO Jack Atkinson

Atkinson was similarly confident that the company’s innovative odds feed product was already exceedingly popular, and it has been delivering on all intended KPIs, proving a valuable addition to any sports betting business. OddsAI is also focusing on growing well beyond North America, as the company has plenty to offer, delivering a flexible product that is tailored to the needs of local markets.

As a result, the company has been actively expanding its reach in Asia, Latin America, and not least, Africa, another well-established and fast-emerging sports wagering market. All of this has been achieved through the delivery of ultra-lightweight AI and machine learning solutions that have significantly strengthened the offer of the sports betting business.

Company Committed to Achieving Excellent in Sports Betting

Commenting on the business in his turn, SCCG Management founder and CEO Stephen Crystal said that the partnership with OddsAI was another proof of the company’s own commitment to building innovative products that are player-focused, affordable, and make a lasting impact on the industry.

OddsAI is both affordable and tested and brings user-enhancing solutions to sportsbooks that are forward-thinking enough to seize the opportunity. “The enhanced betting experience that OddsAI provides has already proven to be a game-changer in the industry, and we are excited to drive its expansion globally,” Crystal added.

SCCG Management has continued to improve in the meantime, with the company signing a partnership with AWARE to further strengthen its commitment to KYC and AML measures.


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