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SCCG Management Teams with Sparket for Infinite Betting Opportunities

The partnership is expected to help Sparket further transform the traditional sports betting industry

Casino gaming and sports betting advisory firm SCCG Management announced it has signed an agreement with sports betting platform operator, Sparket, focused on free-to-play and pay-to-pay betting opportunities.

Appeal to New Audiences

The new partnership with Sparket will seek to provide the sports betting platform with business development services, adding limitless new events and betting types to Sparket’s “bet on anything” wagering platform, helping it appeal to a much broader audience and add value to existing patrons.

Sparket’s chief operating officer, Evan Fisher, commented on the partnership with SCCG Management, thrilled to partner with the marketing agency specializing in gaming and use its services as a booster for the ongoing efforts to develop the platform further.

“We are excited to partner with SCCG to help supercharge our business development efforts,” Fisher said, pointing to the “proven track record” of the SCCG Management’s founder and chief executive officer, Stephen Crystal, and his team, and expressing his expectations that SCCG Management would help Sparket to “land the right partnerships” going forward.

Tailored to the new generation of casual bettors, Sparket serves as a social community space offering operators and players a platform where they can engage in wagers for fun or cash in a friendly manner, while the Sparket App operates as a pari-mutuel system and powers the platform with dynamic odds for every bet.

Limitless Wagering Opportunities

Excited to see the gaming advisory agency team with Sparket in a strategic partnership, Crystal commented on the arrangement, emphasizing the limitless opportunities the platform provides to its users wagering-wise, as well as its potential to disrupt the traditional sports betting space.

“The innovative betting platform that they have created is truly limitless, and we believe that it will allow operators to transform the traditional betting industry,” Crystal said, thrilled “to be a part of this journey,” and “looking forward to collaborating with Sparket and “offer new and exciting betting opportunities” to SCCG Management’s clients.

Allowing operators to offer infinite free-to-play and pay-to-play opportunities with the potential to appeal to a much broader audience and add further value to existing patrons, the platform also provides operators with an opportunity to earn commissions on every wager without any exposure.

Specializing in the gaming space, SCCG Management works with lottery operators, sports teams, casinos, sportsbooks, game developers, fantasy sports operators, and others, delivering innovative and effective strategies and advice to help their partners’ businesses grow and succeed in the highly competitive gaming industry.

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