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SCCG Management Expands Ronin Sport Agreement

SCCG Management, a leading iGaming and casino consultancy firm, has deepened its relationship with Ronin Sport, a fairly fresh B2B provider of TV sports data. As per the agreement, the consultancy will help with the data company’s distribution in Brazil.

SCCG Management Expands Agreement with Ronin Sport

SCCG Management will guide Ronin Sport on how to best tackle the Brazilian market. The consultancy will oversee the data provider’s rollout in the LATAM country and will provide it with valuable business advice and insights.

The consultancy will notably use its robust Brazilian network to help Ronin Sport establish itself as a leading data supplier. Lastly, SCCG management will support Ronin Sport by developing various solutions that will help the data supplier accommodate local sports betting operators.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Ronin Sport has requested SCCG Management’s assistance. Previously, the two companies teamed up to bolster Ronin’s distribution in North America. Following the successful campaign, the two parties have decided to double down on their agreement and team up in Brazil as well. According to SCCG, the data provider’s strife for perfect data and continuous updates is what sets it apart from its competitors on an international level.

Ronin Will Fill a Gap in Brazil’s Gaming Industry

SCCG’s founder and chief executive officer Stephen Crystal emphasized that SCCG has already demonstrated its expertise by successfully bringing Ronin into North America. He added that the two parties will capitalize on the momentum and help Ronin Sport expand its distribution into Brazil.

Crystal noted that SCCG’s professional team and the company’s extensive Brazil network will help Ronin “fill a gap” in Brazil’s gaming industry.

Ronin has a great product, you can tell that the founders have been doing this for 15 years.

Stephen Crystal, CEO, SCCG Management

Meanwhile, Ronin Sport’s managing director, Andreas Fredmark, said that his team is excited to expand SCCG’s distribution role.

The industry experience that SCCG is extraordinary and will contribute to developing our services further. Coming from Sweden with a focus on engineering and product development, we needed SCCG’s experience in market reach and business approach.

Andreas Fredmark, MD, Ronin Sport

Ronin Sport is a live sports data startup that was founded in January 2020. Despite being a fairly new player in sports and sports betting, the company is backed by a highly-experienced team that is familiar with the sector. The company’s streaming data platform boasts unparalleled flexibility and offers built-in affiliate business models. Thanks to this, Ronin Sport is able to deliver superior content to its sports and sports betting partners.


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