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Soft2Bet Boosts Players Conversions with Enteractive’s (Re)Activation Cloud

Player reactivation company Enteractive will provide its (Re)Activation Cloud services to Soft2Bet, focusing on the Nordics.

More Player Conversions for Soft2Bet

Founded in 2008, iGaming industry leader in reactivation Enteractive has signed a partnership for its (Re)Activation Cloud services with Soft2Bet. The B2B software solutions for the iGaming market will be able to activate NRCs at NDCs of different casinos such as Nomini, Rabona, or Wazamba and with a particular focus on the Nordic market.

Based on a unique initial project at the beginning of 2020, Soft2Bet has now secured the expertise of Enteractive to deliver “personalized one-to-one player phone calls” across numerous markets and brands owned by the company.

Soft2Bet seeks to boost player conversions with NRCs and NDCs, which are the terms used to describes players who have stopped playing and who are less sensitive to the general strategies used by present market CRM suppliers, by connecting Enteractive to its player databases via the cloud (Re)Activation platform.

Head of CRM Soft2Bet, Kristiyan Petrov, said Enteractive results are impressive and the simplicity of integration using the cloud (Re)Activation platform is another benefit.

“The unique approach to CRM provided by Enteractive works really well both for our players as well as for Soft2Bet’s bottom line,” he stated.

Through this new cooperation, customer deposits from expired player accounts will be increased while promoting safer gambling practices and inspiring brand loyalty.

After a successful year, Soft2Bet has evolved from an innovative and ambitious start-up to a powerful international organization. The firm recently launched its proprietor zombie-themed casino brand called Casombie. This ambitious project proves Soft2Bet can produce new and original content to satisfy its player base and create new positive experiences for gamers.

Industry Leader in Reactivation Offers Optimized Services

Enteractive knows how to break away from other companies by providing a more customized and responsible view, easy integration, and excellent return on investment for operator brands.

Enteractive is able to reconnect with non-active players in a progressive and personalized approach. The company uses various strategies to reconnect with the customer base, including a responsible approach that drives strong ROI for brands in a sustainable and consumer-centric way.

Earlier this year, Enteractive entered a new marketplace – Japan. By arriving on the Japanese iGaming market, the firm helps brands that want to drive better player engagement in the region with personalized solutions.

Commenting on Soft2Bet’s plan, Mikael Hansson, founder and CEO of Enteractive, said the company looks forward to “impressive results for Soft2Bet from their various audiences.”

“Since new and emerging audiences in the iGaming sector prefer brands with a more personalized experience, Enteractive’s one-2-one calls are on point for next-generation CRM services,” Hansson concluded.

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