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‘Soft2Bet Invest’ Innovation Fund Supports Industry Pioneers

This initiative should cement Soft2Bet’s position at the forefront of cutting-edge industry advancements, giving visionaries a unique opportunity to realize their dreams

Soft2Bet, a leading iGaming turnkey solutions provider, is excited to announce the launch of ‘Soft2Bet Invest’, an innovation fund nurturing the next wave of pioneering solutions in the iGaming and casual gaming sectors. This fund will provide financial and business support to entrepreneurs who share Soft2Bet’s passion for innovation and growth.

The Company Is Confident in Its Vision

Since its inception in 2016, Soft2Bet has been a pioneer in delivering high-quality products and services for online gambling operators. Known for its Motivational Engineering Gaming Application (MEGA), Soft2Bet has significantly enhanced player retention and engagement across numerous successful iGaming brands. The company holds over 11 global licenses, reflecting its expansive commercial and regulatory footprint.

Building upon its previous successes, Soft2Bet has taken a decisive step in its efforts to support growth-stage and mature companies harnessing pioneering technologies in casual gaming, AI, traffic differentiation, behavioral-UX analytics, and high-margin gaming software solutions.  Soft2Bet Invest seeks to elevate projects demonstrating strong profitability and scalability, giving them the support and funding they need to succeed.

Soft2Bet Invest plans to provide between 500,000 EUR ($535,000) and 1,000,000 EUR ($1,071,000) for each promising project and bolster their strategic vision with case-specific strategies to maximize the impact of its financial support. The impressive 50,000,000 EUR ($53,546,000) fund value underscores Soft2Bet’s commitment to leading the next stage in the iGaming industry’s evolution.

Entrepreneurs Can Soon Present Their Ideas

Uri Poliavich, founder and CEO of Soft2Bet, was confident that now was the perfect time to invest in other exceptional companies sharing Soft2Bet’s innovation and growth-focused mindset. He hoped the chosen projects would mirror Soft2Bet’s journey from a startup to a leading iGaming operator and help redefine the industry.

Soft2Bet invited casual and real-money gaming entrepreneurs to present their groundbreaking concepts at iGB Live! Amsterdam from 16-19 July. This event should provide a unique chance for entrepreneurs to engage with Soft2Bet’s senior leaders and explore potential investment opportunities, potentially taking advantage of Soft2Bet Invest to kickstart their iGaming journey.

We’re ready to share our vision, values, and expertise with you to power the next big ideas. So bring your groundbreaking ideas, concepts, and visions to iGB Live Amsterdam, and let’s meet up.

Uri Poliavich, Soft2Bet founder and CEO

Soft2Bet Invest promises to shape the future of the iGaming industry by empowering talented visionaries. While several other high-profile business entities have also launched similar campaigns, the abundance of investment opportunities should be a significant boon for the sector, giving aspiring entrepreneurs the chance they need to realize their vision and spearhead innovation.

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