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Reiner Moser to Chair Germany’s Gambling Regulator GGL

The change in leadership will be effective from 1 July, following the predetermined one-year rotation schedule for GGL chair

Baden-Württemberg official Reiner Moser will take over as chair of the board of directors at Germany’s gambling regulator, the Gemeinsame Glücksspielbehörde der Länder (GGL), starting 1 July 2024. Moser, currently the head of a department in the Ministry of the Interior for digitization and local government, will replace the outgoing chair, state secretary Udo Götze.

The GGL Has Recorded Substantial Progress

According to the Fourth Interstate Treaty 2021, officials from each of the 16 federal states making up the GGL board of directors serve a one-year term as chair, rotating in alphabetical order. This system ensures equal representation and input from all states regulating gambling across Germany and forms the foundation for a consumer-focused regulatory framework.

Outgoing chair Götze noted that the German regulator had achieved substantial progress in the past year and was confident that his successor would continue the positive trend. The GGL’s ongoing efforts against illegal operators have met significant success, as has the channeling of players toward regulated offerings.

Together with the federal states, the GGL has a very good basis for the successful regulation of this rapidly developing digital market. Everyone involved can be proud of that.

State secretary Udo Götze

Götze‘s leadership saw the laying of crucial groundwork for the unified regulation of gambling, setting a robust foundation for his successor to build upon. His vision was instrumental in advancing the GGL’s mission to consolidate what was previously a fragmented regulatory framework, ensuring German operators remain accountable for their actions.

Moser Will Continue the Regulator’s Mission

As he steps into his new role, Moser remains aware of the complex online gambling regulatory landscape, necessitating constant regulatory updates. He highlighted the implementation of court decisions regarding the enforcement tool of IP blocking as a significant challenge, alongside the ongoing supervision of legal providers and issuing penalties to any offenders. 

The regulation of online gambling is a demanding task, which focuses on the prevention of gambling addiction and the protection of players and young people.

Reiner Moser, GGL chair

Despite these challenges, Moser is optimistic about the GGL’s capacity to keep up with evolving industry trends. He was confident that the regulator could tackle all upcoming challenges thanks to the continued support of federal states, ensuring a balanced gambling environment that focuses on player safety without stifling regulated operators.

As Moser steps into his role, he inherits a regulatory body at a pivotal moment in its development. His experience in digitization and local government should bring valuable insights to the GGL as it contends with evolving challenges. With him at the helm, the regulator is well-positioned to continue its crucial work regulating this challenging sector.

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