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Soft2Bet Launches Zombie-Themed Casombie Website

In an apocalyptic twist of iGaming innovation, Soft2Bet has launched its proprietor zombie end-of-days casino with Casombie featuring a unique undead theme.

Soft2Bet Unleashes a Zombie Apocalypse on iGaming

Gaming tech company and provider of sportsbook solutions Soft2Bet has revealed a new casino brand dedicated to zombies. In Casombie, players will get to experience a properly-themed undead casino where pop culture myths, legends, and expectations come together in a delightful, rotting mash-up.

The casino features products from leading third-party gaming suppliers and while not every game is focused on zombies, there is a good deal of themed games to choose from. Meanwhile, the entire website remains dedicated to the topic at hand, providing players with a deep dive into the world of the undead through artistic prowess.

Personalize Your Experience, Be the Rotting Zombie You Wish

To add to the authenticity of the gameplay Soft2Bet has decided to allow every player to pick from a unique zombie character upon registering their account. There are seven total zombie characters to walk in the rotting flesh of, and each is tied to a unique bonus to make the experience more worthwhile.

Thanks to Soft2Bet’s technology, Casombie has an achievement system that allows players to unlock extra free spins and other bonuses upon reaching certain benchmarks in a game. With this last detail, Casombie is one of the 20 iGaming and betting brands Soft2Bet now hosts and provides services for.

How Far Will Soft2Bet Go?

Casombie is an ambitious project as it creates a unique casino theme imbued with achievements and personalized experience, not a first for Soft2Bet but demonstrating the full flexibility of its platform.

This is a sentiment Soft2Bet CEO Boris Chaikin agrees with when discussing Casombie’s launch. According to him, the “casino has a specific vision,” which the team wants to “bring to life.” Chaikin feels confident that the inclusion of customizable elements to the experience gives the players a product that ultimately resonates with them and draws them to the game.

A similar sentiment was shared by Casombie CEO and co-founder Bilyan Balinov, who was excited in the press statement, and said that Soft2Bet’s own expertise and flexibility would be a contributing factor to the overall success of the website and a way for the brand to position itself.

Balinov noted that Casombie is delivering a product that is fresh and new to the player base. This was the second big launch from Soft2Bet in the past week, with the company previously launching SlotsPalace, another promising casino brand developed in-house and boosted by third-parties.

Soft2Bet will continue to deliver its unique gamification software across a fleet of websites to empower the

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