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Retention Specialist Enteractive Enters Japan iGaming

Enteractive takes a dive into the Japanese market, bringing personalized and tailored solutions for iGaming operators who want to drive better engagement in the region.

Enteractive Arrives on the Japanese Market with Personalized Solutions

A provider of player retention and reactivation services, Enteractive has entered into the Japanese iGaming market thanks to its (Re)Activation Cloud plug-and-play solution. The company will offer casinos in the region a special, tailored solutions allowing them to drive better player engagement and brand their products in a way that is culturally appropriate for Japan.

With Japan posing its own challenges, Enteractive feels confident the team can now expand into the market and bring value-added services that will be useful to local partners, commented Enteractive Head for Japan Operations Alex Nilsson. According to him, the team is now fully-equipped to navigate the specifics of the market, providing valuable insight to partners. He had this to add:

“Japan is different to any other market in which we operate, so we’re extremely proud of the way our diverse talent pool has quickly surmounted any challenges to such a defined local approach.”

Enteractive will bring its vast experience to Japan and help brands come up with highly-customizable solutions resulting in better brand engagement. The company will specifically look to address brand and country-specific challenges.

To achieve this, Enteractive relies on human-driven interaction and establishing responsible gambling measures as the ultimate safeguard for ensuring customers safety. Enteractive founder and CEO, Mikael Hansson, shared his enthusiasm to be breaking into the Japanese market in 2020, and hopefully as a long-term commitment.

The Japanese iGaming Market, A Different Beast  

Hansson argued that Enteractive’s chief objective remains commitment to the players, as the “most important asset” any gaming company may hope to secure. “Caring for our clients is baked into our DNA,” Hansson noted, and cited the company’s courteous culture as perfectly-fit for the Japanese market.

“I believe this could become one of our biggest markets in terms of sales and net revenue within a couple of years,” he concluded.   

Earlier this year, FunFair Technologies, a provider of proprietor of blockchain casino technology, kickstarted its own Japanese push diving into Japan as one of the best-developed cryptocurrencies markets.

Outside of their entry into the Japanese market, though, Enteractive has been active elsewhere, breaking into the Brazilian market as well, in anticipation of the mass legalization of the market. Before that, Enteractive partnered with MaxEnt and in February, the company forged a new alliance with Gaming Innovation Group and its flagship brands.

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