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FunFair Completes Localization of Japanese Gaming Platform

The owner of the iconic CasinoFair brand, FunFair Technologies, has introduced its first localization effort in Japanese to help improve player and retention rate in one of the key markets for the company.

Guaranteed Fair™ by FunFair Technologies Gets Japanese Localization

FunFair Technologies has expanded its onboarding efforts by improving its decentralized gaming platform, Guaranteed Fair™, to boost onboarding and help expand beyond the company’s main bastion targeting English speaking customers. As a result, FunFair is focusing on Japan and has completed the Japanese localization of the platform.

The move would allow the company to retain current player bases around the world as well as focus on new player acquisition. Japan has been chosen for a number of reasons, including the innate tech-savviness of Japanese players.

CasinoFair’s Japanese localization of the home page. Image credit: FunFair.com

As a result, players will have a crack at FunFair Technologies’ casino brand CasinoFair and have a chance to gamble in their native language. Specifically, FunFair has targeted Japan as, according to the company, Japanese players have more disposable income they are likely to use on decentralized gaming solutions.

The localization of the platform will also help boost fairness and transparency, emboldening Japanese players to explore the CasinoFair casino, ignoring any language barriers. Speaking on the occasion, FunFair Technologies Europe Ltd. CPO Fred Kessler was pleased with the expansion move. He said:

“We had been advised by our partners for a while that Japan is a great market due to its regulatory framework around cryptocurrency”

Crypto Gaming Embraced by the Japanese Government

One of the key motivators behind the decision has been the fact that the Japanese government has long endorsed crypto and blockchain technology. In fact, the country is one of the few to have passed comprehensive blockchain and cryptocurrency legislation, making the operation of gambling establishments for entertainment purposes a possibility.

Another essential factor has been the fact that the national currency (JPY) is the second most traded FIAT asset against Bitcoin in the world, second to the U.S. dollar (USD).

By extending its offer to a Japanese crowd, FunFair gets a chance to help more people appreciate the strength of the blockchain platform.

Although this is the first official localization effort by the company, there should be more coming down the line, as FunFair has been actively ramping up its efforts to break into more markets these past few months.

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