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Stake.com Taps into Enteractive’s Reactivation Solutions

Enteractive leverages an in-house (Re)Activation Cloud technology platform to quickly and seamlessly integrate selected player bases

Online casino powerhouse Stake.com has formed a partnership with Enteractive, a leader in player conversion and reactivation. Under the agreement, the latter party will support Stake’s existing CRM services with bespoke reactivation campaigns.

The online gambling operator seeks to win back players and optimize its revenue. To that end, Enteractive’s campaigns will focus on the reactivation of lapsed audience segments. The reactivation specialist will leverage its personalized approach to audience outreach to allow Stake.com to tap into the “churned segments” of its player base.

Enteractive, which boasts some 15 years of experience in conversion and reactivation, is widely considered to be among the top revenue generators in the global online casino sector. The company was founded in 2008 and has since engaged millions of players.

In 2023 alone, Enteractive interacted with over 8.1 million players and generated more than €59 million ($63 million) for global operators, from almost €263 million ($282 million) in deposits.

Enteractive leverages an in-house (Re)Activation Cloud technology platform to quickly and seamlessly integrate selected player bases. The company also employs native-speaking agents who allow operators to reach players in multiple jurisdictions. The outreach is done through one-to-one phone conversations, optimizing the effectiveness of Enteractive’s solutions.

Data shows that Enteractive converts some 16,000 players each month.

Enteractive Will Reactivate Dormant Stake Accounts

Enteractive’s business-to-business sales executive, Kelly Briffa, commented on the agreement, promising that her team’s commitment to real one-to-one conversations will help Stake.com tap into hard-to-reach segments. Briffa is certain that Enteractive will help the operator achieve the desired results.

Our sustainable approach, seamless integration, and solid returns show that conversion or reactivation campaigns should not be overlooked. Each call adds value to both the player’s brand experience and bottom line revenues.

Kelly Briffa, B2B sales executive, Enteractive

Jarrod Febbraio, Stake.com’s director of commercial, also commented on the matter, praising Enteractive for its “specialized approach in re-engaging distinct player segments for sports betting and iGaming brands.” Febbraio added that the one-to-one approach has proven to be very effective in transforming non-funded and dormant player accounts.

We’re excited to see this collaboration maximize the Lifetime Player Value (LPV) for these segments, optimizing our active players, and ultimately increasing bottom line revenues.

Jarrod Febbraio, director of commercial, Stake.com

A few weeks ago, Stake.com also teamed up with Racing and Sports (RAS) Technology Holdings, which agreed to power the operator’s horse racing offering.


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