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Kindred: Only 3.1% of the Q4 Revenue Came from Harmful Gambling

The initiative seeks to transform gambling and cement Kindred as a trusted source of entertainment

Kindred Group has released another update on its Journey towards Zero, an initiative that has seen the company minimize the funds it takes from problem players. According to Kindred, only 3.1% of its revenue in Q4 2023 came from harmful gambling. This is an improvement from Q3 when the company took 3.3% of its revenue from harmful gambling.

In the meantime, the healthier gambling behavior effect after interventions was 87.4%. This represents a noticeable increase compared to 86.4% in Q3, 2023. Kindred reaffirmed its desire to further increase this number. The company continues to stand firm in its commitment to a healthier and sustainable industry.

Further data shows that in 2023, the share of Kindred’s revenue coming from harmful gambling fluctuated between 3.1% and 3.3%. However, the company remains bullish on decreasing this figure further until it no longer takes money from harmed players. The company is hellbent on improving its business practices and making further strides in its Journey towards Zero.

The initiative seeks to transform gambling and cement Kindred as a trusted source of entertainment. The company continues to increase transparency and support a fact-based dialogue about problem gambling.

The Progress Highlights Kindred’s Company-Wide Commitment

Alexander Westrell, Kindred Group’s director of communications, commented on the progress Kindred has recorded, saying that addressing the decline in revenue from harmful gambling requires a long-term view. He added that the Journey towards Zero initiative has shown a steady decrease in money Kindred has taken from harmful gambling since 2020.

Westrell also pointed out that since Q3 2021, healthier gambling behavior after interventions has improved from 64.9% to a stellar 87.4%.

This progress shows in our transparent reporting and consistent work. It highlights our company-wide commitment, and has become a core part of Kindred’s DNA.

Alexander Westrell, director of communications, Kindred Group

For reference, Kindred has been communicating its share of revenue from harmful gambling ever since 2021. The company also continues to regularly provide updates on the improvement effect after intervention.

In other news, Kindred just partnered with Optimove for CRM marketing solutions. Under the agreement, Optimove will power Kindred’s flagship Unibet brand with the tools it needs to grow.


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