AffPapa and Betsson Group Affiliates Extend Partnership

AffPapa, an iGaming directory for affiliates and operators, has extended its successful relationship with Betsson Group Affiliates (BGA). This comes after the companies have worked together since 2020, and they seem happy to continue doing so in the future.

Announcing the partnership renewal, AffPapa briefly recapped the relationship between the companies, arguing that BGA and AffPapa have met in 2020 and joined forces to create what they described as the “ultimate iGaming director.”

The present extension of this collaboration reflects on the successful rapport they have had and the business success they have achieved. BGA has been working with over 20 brands, and it creates a “core of the traditional business with the best practices of the dynamic and profitable online gaming industry.”

Setting the Bar High for Affiliate Partnerships

BGA senior affiliate operations manager Shakyra Jonsson argued that Betsson has been similarly happy with AffPapa, as “the service provided has been exceptional.” A similar sentiment was expressed by AffPapa head of commercials Yeva Avagyan that what has been a smooth and successful collaboration will continue in the future:

“It’s been a productive year with Betsson’s incredible team, and we are looking forward to 2022’s great unfoldings!”

AffPapa head of commercials Yeva Avagyan

AffPapa confirmed that it was excited to be working with an established iGaming company and said that BGA’s own decision to pursue a further partnership opportunity attested to AffPapa’s own efforts to deliver a high-quality service.

At the onset of the partnership in 2020, both companies stated that they would be looking forward to building a successful partnership in the affiliate sector. Affiliates play an important part in the iGaming ecosystem as they help brands garner exposure.

Their role in the quickly changing world of new consumer-focused regulation is doubly important as it now expects affiliates to deliver impeccable marketing that is in line with established regulatory prerequisites.

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