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Betsson Survey Uncovers Insights into Sports Bettor Habits

Some 73% of the bettors admitted to placing wagers on sports driven by financial gain, while more than half wanted to see improvements in terms of latency or speed

The leading online gambling company recognized across the globe, Betsson, released a new report, uncovering unique insights about the state of sports betting and daily fantasy sports across the United States.

The company’s new report, released in collaboration with SportsHandle and GambleID, is titled “The State of Sports Betting, Mobile Sportsbooks, and Daily Fantasy Sports” and provides valuable information about the competitive sports betting market across the country.

The newly released report acknowledges the dominance of DraftKings and FanDuel. All of the respondents who agreed to answer questions were able to identify DraftKings, designating the company as the most popular platform.

DraftKings is followed closely by FanDuel with 98% of the respondents admitting they are aware of the operator. The third most popular betting operator, identified by 68% of the respondents, was Caesars Sportsbook.

When asked what influences the selection of a betting provider, an overwhelming majority of 74% of the respondents said that it’s the odds. On the other hand, user experience was important for 70% of the bettors while 62% of the respondents selected a platform because of the promotions it offers.

The Report Uncovers Insights into the Motivation of Bettors and Potential Improvements

Betsson’s recently released report uncovered important insights about the motivation of sports bettors. When asked why they place wagers, a majority of 73% identified financial gain as a main driver.

Some 66% of the bettors admitted to wagering because of their passion for sports, while more than half or 54% said that they bet on sports for entertainment. Nearly half or 48% of the respondents said they enjoy the risk and reward while 36% said they wanted to test their sports knowledge.

Sports bettors would like to see improved speed or latency, advanced data analytics or insights, enhanced live streaming, and personalized betting suggestions in future iterations of sports betting apps. According to survey respondents, virtual reality and AI integrations are not important features of an app,

reads Betsson’s newly released report

Focusing on future improvements, respondents highlighted the importance of improving speed or latency. While this was the response for 54% of the bettors, 38% wanted to benefit from advanced data analytics. According to 35% of the bettors, live streaming capabilities need improvement, while 24% said they wanted more personalized betting options.

A dozen operators will exist in 2025, with four controlling 90% market share,

explains the newly released report

The new report included insights by Hamers Consulting that painted a picture of the future of the US betting sector. Per this data, in 2025, there will be a dozen operators across the country. Still, an overwhelming majority of 90% of the market share will be in the hands of four betting operators.


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