Macau Continues to Tweak Pandemic Monitoring Tools

Macau is hoping to get a hold of how COVID-19 spreads across the special administrative region (SAR), and the truth is it already has. The past two years have seen the region tackle COVID-19 by keeping the infection rates incredibly low. Then, an Omicron variant was detected, prompting the SAR to introduce a two-week ban on international flights.

New Health App to Facilitate Officials, Residents, and Visitors 

Meanwhile, Macau’s government has launched a new health app that will allow visitors to use special QR codes to scan themselves when visiting licensed city venues, including a range of such establishments, including hotels, health clubs, karaoke lounges, and more. 

On Wednesday, the Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO) informed business owners that introducing the QR code was a mandatory prerequisite to continue operating, as mandated by the Health Bureau. All businesses covered by the order now must introduce the QR codes by Saturday, January 15. 

The MGTO will conduct frequent inspections and issue immediate penalties to offenders to ensure compliance with the measure. The MGTO will ensure that business owners uphold all Health Bureau guidelines and that codes are implemented correctly, a statement read.

The new system will come at almost no inconvenience to business owners while it will allow Macau to continue monitoring its epidemiological situation. After the region saw a small uptick in visitors, a foreign-imported Omicron variant forced things to change quickly. 

Easier to Get Into and Out of Places 

The system is also expected to improve the circulation of people. Previously, locals and visitors in Macau were required to scan their health declarations before entry into any licensed venue. Macau’s pandemic has buffeted casinos and casino stock, but this may now be changing.

Part of this change is because of Macau’s SAR government’s tight control over the pandemic. As a result, both Fitch and JP Morgan expect casino stock to begin to recover. The fear of serious consequences of the junket ban has been dissipated, with VIP demand remaining solid.

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