December 9, 2020 2 min read


SportsGrid Improves Daily Sports Betting Coverage

SportsGrid announced the launch of an innovative daily betting coverage platform. The STS Platform is available for immediate integration and will be beneficial for publishers and their audiences.

SportsGrid Launches Innovative Content Solution Platform

The 24-hour streaming network dedicated to the sports wagering audience, SportsGrid, announced yesterday that it launched a new innovative content solution aiming at delivering best-in-class daily betting and fantasy sports coverage.

The new solution, STS Platform is available for immediate integration as a hosted solution customized for both publisher websites and mobile applications. Furthermore, the new platform amplifies and complements the publisher’s on-demand sports video content creating pre-roll and exclusive sponsorship opportunities.

Our STS Platform is live and available for immediate client integration, currently servicing over 30 million publisher video views per month and growing rapidly.

Jason Sukhraj, Chief Commercial Officer of SportsGrid

According to SportsGrid, the new solution provides an easy-to-integrate comprehensive sports gaming content tool delivering pre-game odds, over/under, point-spread, moneylines with advanced data analytics. Furthermore, the STS platform enables publishers to connect advertisers with the biggest sports fans.

The New Solution to Be Beneficial for Publishers and Their Audiences

Jeremy Stein, CEO of SportsGrid, said that the introduction of the new STS Platform is the first product developed by the company that aims at utilizing the leading-edge technology that brings the “winning edge” for publishers and their respective audiences.

Furthermore, with the help of the new technology, SportsGrid can reduce its video cost per hour. Consequently, the company is able to grow with the help of research and development. In conclusion, Stein stressed that SportsGrid’s goal is to pass the “incremental revenue streams and economics” to its partners.

Jason Sukhraj, Chief Commercial Officer of SportsGrid commented that there is a backlog of over 35 publishers who are ready to introduce the innovative product into their native environment.

According to SportsGrid, the new platform “serves as the sports betting content source to integrate publishers, sportsbooks, and the massive sports gaming audience unlocking an entirely incremental revenue stream“.

Furthermore, the STS solution supports coverage of professional basketball, football, baseball, college sports, tennis, golf, and more. Last but not least, the STS platform can produce a minimum of 120 video assets per month and also deliver 600 written articles every month.


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