September 21, 2022 2 min read


SportsGrid Integrated Editorial and Video Content with Sportradar

SportsGrid Technology Solutions has confirmed in a press release that it will be integrating its proprietary SportsGrid video and editorial content into Sportradar’s data and visualization tools.

The company hopes that this will help increase its own footprint and market reach, but also benefit Sportradar in providing and delivering more data-driven insights that consumers can use. Specifically, the company will work with publishers and provide them with monetization channels.

Creating Value for Sports Fans, Bettors, and Publishers

The partnership will essentially seek to improve Sportradar’s own understanding of sports betting news coverage and analysis and share those with its clients in the publisher network. Sportradar will now be able to combine its own data sets and cutting-edge analytics with SportsGrid’s comprehensive daily editorial coverage which is shared in the form of video and article content, to drive even stronger benefits to participate partners.

SportsGrid covers a number of in-demand and followed sports, including basketball, football, college sports, baseball, golf, tennis, soccer, and many more, and the two companies’ joint efforts will now result in a further boost to Sportradar’s ad:s service clients who will have the opportunity to unlock sports gaming audience-related revenue.

SportsGrid GM of syndication Jason Sukhraj was pleased with the opportunity and said the company’s content is uniquely qualified to provide publishers with in-depth sports betting intelligence and insights. Sportradar US head of ad:s Mike Smith welcomed the SportsGrid partnership and hailed the quality of the video and editorial content provided by the company.

Smith was confident that the partnership will provide clients with timely, engaging, and interesting content that will appeal to sports fans and bettors in equal measure and ensure that publishers have another excellent way to monetize their audiences while ensuring integrity and creating value for all sports aficionados regardless of their inclination to wager on the outcome of sporting events.


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