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Sportradar and SportsGrid Launch 24-hour TV Betting Channel

Sportradar and SportsGrid are launching a 24-hour TV network dedicated to sports betting tips, analyses and predictions. This is the most ambitious project dedicated to live TV sports betting coverage to date.

Sportradar and SportsGrid Team Up

After Disney’s ESPN launched their own sports betting show aptly called the Daily Wager, one thing became clear – wagering on sports is part of the fabric of the United States. Having arrived belatedly in the mainstream, the industry is now picking steam.

What better moment for Sportradar and SportsGrid to reveal their 24-hour dedicated sports betting network that will focus on bringing some around-the-clock actionable betting tips, analyses, broadcasts and more.

The press release was brief, sweet and to the point, so it’s up to us to draw conclusions. Here’s what the companies said:

The partnership marries Sportradar’s ad tech, OTT technology and data with SportsGrid’s engaging original programming providing fans with accurate coverage and analysis of stats and odds across professional sports.

Sports betting content is in big demand and everyone wants to turn out a successful wager. Analyses, statistical data and the occasional convincing tip is what the sports fandom craves.

Who the Hell Are Sportradar?

Welcome to the world of big spots data. Sportradar is not a small player in the segment, providing mainstream sporting leagues across the United States with their official data.  The data helps both punters (people who bet) and sports book to get their odds straight. Sportradar is happy to oblige, of course.

SportsGrid is an interesting addition. The company specializes in covering Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) news and reports on the vertical with the help of its associated websites, including DailyRoto, RotoExperts, and FNTSY Sports Network – all accessible via the main menu found in SportsGrid’s homepage.

SportsGrid has also partnered with other noteworthy sporting and betting brands, such as the NBA, FanDuel, The Elvis Duran Group, among others.

SportsGrid President Louis M. Maione had the following comment to make in the official statement:

Joining forces with Sportradar instantly affords SportsGrid with the ability to provide unquestionable best of breed sports wagering programming.

Mr. Maione further discussed the “robust video solution” provided by Sportradar, which in turn ensures that the right content reaches the customers interested in consuming it.

Make Room for the Spots Betting Network

Shows covering sports betting are already common and on air. ESPN’s The Daily Wager joins the likes of Fox Sports’ Lock It In, SportsLine Edge on CBS and I’ll Take That Bet on ESPN+. The world is changing now and the new arrival of Sportradar and SportsGrid’s TV channel is a shift towards formalizing the need for more content that addresses sports betting.

Sportradar will be a particularly valuable partner as it currently analysis and delivers data from over 400,000 matches every year. In addition, Sportradar is partnered with NASCAR, FIFA, UEFA, and all major American sports leagues.

A shift towards leveraging all this data can drive new dividends for the companies, but equally – it can help bettors make better-informed decision.

One thing is certain – the newly-revitalized interest in sports betting is only going to continue and expand.


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