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SportsGrid Brings Sports Betting Insight on VIZIO SmartCast

VIZIO SmartCast will feature the SportsGrid 24-hour program, bringing a dedicated sports betting expertise to millions of active bettors across the United States.

SportsGrid Launches Sports Betting Solutions on VIZIO SmartCast

ESPN does it so why wouldn’t VIZIO SmartCast, a 24-hour TV platform that will now embed SportsGrid, which is an around-the-clock streaming network dedicated to breaking down sports betting picks and furnishing actionable piece of betting advice.

With sports betting enjoying a significant interest around the United States and Americans happy to plonk down a flutter there has been an upsurge in services catering to these brave new audiences.

Adding SportsGrid to Vizio’s already bulky offer of lifestyle, DIY, comedy, music and entertainment program is a good way to tap into a sizeable market supported by 32.8 frequent bettors and 18.8 casual gamblers, with over 60% of the American public identifying themselves as sports fans.  

Plus, people have already shed close to $28 billion in legal sports betting markets through October this year, according to Legal Sports Report data.

According to the official press release revealing the partnership, SportsGrid has a dedicated team of on-air personalities, expert hosts and guest analysts, adding to the authenticity of the sports breakdown experience.

Catering to Savvy Audiences with the Right Solutions

SportsGrid streams out of dedicated studios in New York City located close to FanDuel Sportsbook and Madison Square Garden, the announcement elaborated. Presently, the network covers a number of key betting metrics, such as injury reports, overall developments, match analyzes as well as daily odds.

The network focuses on various high-profile sports, including the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, along with college sports, tennis, soccer, and golf.

SportsGrid offers a quality experience to bettors and viewers, providing them with a detailed breakdown of key markets and metrics, such as spreads, odds, in-play picks, and more via its flagship program, the “In Game Live,” reminiscent of ESPN’s own “The Daily Wager.”

In addition, SportsGrid claims to bring actionable information that can be leveraged by sports bettors thanks to its graphical overlay updates aptly called “The EDGE.” Since points spreads and moneyline odds tend to be volatile, SportsGrid, says, there often may be only seconds to make the right call and benefit from a better coefficient.

Commenting on the partnership, SportsGrid Founder and President Lou Maione shared his enthusiasm arguing that the company was excited to gain exposure on VIZIO. He specifically had this to add:

“We are extremely pleased to provide the millions of VIZIO SmartCast TV users access to the SportsGrid Network’s programming. SportsGrid delivers exciting and compelling content that will entertain and inform our viewers 24/7.”

-SportsGrid Founder and President Lou Maione

This new opportunity with VIZIO would allow SportsGrid to establish a better connection with sports betting audiences around the United States, Maione concluded. Thanks to VIZIO’s SmartCast, sports bettors can rely on advanced apps and built-in wireless streaming to empower a well-rounded, reliable and actionable betting experience.


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