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UKGC Executive Emphasizes Importance of Constructive Industry Relations

Andrew Rhodes, the Commission's chief executive, spoke on a number of important topics, including the effectiveness of collaboration with the sector amid regulatory changes

Recently, the gambling regulator in the UK, the Gambling Commission, unveiled extensive changes in an effort to boost the safety of gamblers in the country. The described changes are in line with the ongoing efforts of the UK government for the overhaul of the gambling sector, initiated as a result of the review of the Gambling Act.

In the context of the changes to the gambling industry in the UK, Andrew Rhodes, the Commission’s chief executive, spoke at the Bingo Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2024. The event, which took place Thursday, marked an important gathering of stakeholders and during his speech, the executive spoke on a number of hot topics.

At the recent meeting, Rhodes spoke about the importance of constructive business relationships between the gambling sector and the regulator. He revealed that effective collaboration is the key to a market that is competitive, regulated and ensures the protection of the consumers.

Moreover, Rhodes highlighted the importance of relying on the sector to make changes and engage in a constructive dialogue. “We are currently running a pilot on how our Operations teams – Compliance and Licensing in particular – can work with operators on account management. Actively setting up better ways for us to communicate with you (operators) and hear what you have got to say about the fundamentals about your business in return,” he explained.

The importance of pulling together to achieve outcomes we can not alone is, of course, something you have likely heard me talk about before. At the Commission we want a constructive relationship with the industry we regulate.

Andrew Rhodes, chief executive at the Gambling Commission

Changes to Gambling Survey Methodology

Another hot topic discussed by the Commission’s chief executive revolved around the upcoming Gambling Survey for Great Britain. The gambling watchdog selected Professor Patrick Sturgis, a Professor of Quantitative Social Science at the London School of Economics, to review the current methodology and highlight recommendations. This process was completed earlier this year, with the expert proposing changes that could be implemented.

Still, Rhodes and Sturgis acknowledged that caution should be applied, especially when changing methodology. “Some of you may be worried that the new methodology, when it reports for the first time, official statistics on the impacts of gambling this Summer, may have negative consequences,” added Rhodes. He revealed that along with the release of the Survey, the Commission will uncover guidelines that can help with the use or interpretation of the data.

According to Sturgis, the changes to the methodology are required as an outdated method for collecting data and one that has gaps in evidence is “not credible.” Finally, Rhodes said that while the upcoming Survey will release important highlights, the regulator will remain focused on data collection and the implementation of improvements where needed.


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