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UK Gambling Commission Reveals Three-Year Corporate Strategy

Chair Boyle said that he wants a fair, safe, and crime-free gambling market where consumers and the interests of the wider public are protected

The UK Gambling Commission published its new Corporate Strategy, outlining its plans for the next three years. In addition to vowing to continue its usual regulatory work, the authority made a series of commitments under several areas of strategic focus.

These areas, according to the UKGC, include the use of data and analytics to improve regulation, the improvement of the regulator’s core operational functions and the creation of evidence-based requirements for operators.

In addition, the UKGC will focus on being proactive and addressing issues at the earliest opportunity, as well as doing its best to properly regulate The National Lottery.

The regulator said that this strategy prioritizes key cross-cutting enablers, such as a review of the UKGC’s people plan, approach to stakeholder engagement and making sure that the authority has the resources it needs to remain efficient.

According to the UKGC, these areas of focus will allow it to make gambling fairer and safer while protecting the sector from fraud.

UKGC Vows to Protect the Market and Tackle Important Issues

Marcus Boyle, chairman of the UKGC, said that the new “Gambling regulation in a digital age” is setting out how the regulator will deliver the reforms outlined in the white paper. He added that the UKGC is setting out an ambitious program to bolster the efficiency of its regulation. This includes a new data innovation hub that will foster the smarter use of data. This will allow the UKGC to increase transparency of its work.

Boyle also promised that the UKGC would be “creative” in disrupting illegal operators.

I want a fair, safe, and crime-free gambling market where consumers and the interests of the wider public are protected. This strategy will improve gambling regulation and move us closer to that vision.

Marcus Boyle, chair, UKGC

Andrew Rhodes, CEO of the UKGC, also commented on the matter, praising his team for its progress. He lauded the regulator’s efforts in tackling critical issues facing operators and consumers and added that the next cycle of work will focus on the government’s recent decisions.

Rhodes vowed to tackle misinformation and bring about “improved outcomes” for the public.

It is vital we maintain high standards for gambling consumers, working with industry to resolve issues at the earliest opportunity. We will continue to work across borders to tackle common issues like illegal gambling, and to learn and share regulatory best practice.

Andrew Rhodes, CEO, UKGC

Speaking of the UKGC, the regulator is currently investigating a gambling company’s alleged exploitation of a cancer patient.


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