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Potawatomi Casino Hotel to Host a Snoop Dogg Concert

Snoop Dogg, the highlight of the event, was described as an “entertainment industry mogul” by Potawatomi Casino Hotel

The Potawatomi Amplified Concert Series will welcome Snoop Dog as its initial headliner, engaging Potawatomi Casino Hotel guests with an unforgettable performance. The casino and hospitality venue will host this concert outdoors and will welcome almost 5,000 patrons.

The temporary concert venue will be set up on the former Cargill lot and will cover up to 200,000 square feet. The concert area will be able to welcome up to 4,800 patrons and will include a variety of seating options. Food and beer trucks at the venue will offer refreshments to visitors.

Concertgoers will be able to park at the Potawatomi Casino Hotel parking lot, which has a capacity for over 4,500 vehicles.

The concert is set to take place on June 15. Tickets can be purchased at, the Potawatomi’s official website, with prices varying from $89 to $249.  

Potawatomi Casino Promises an Unforgettable Summer

Snoop Dogg, the highlight of the event, was described as an “entertainment industry mogul” by Potawatomi Casino Hotel. The tribal casino operator highlighted the singer’s experience in acting, media, business, Web 3.0, tech, entertainment and lifestyle, praising him for “raising the entertainment bar as a globally recognized innovator.”

Potawatomi Casino Hotel’s chief executive officer, Dominic Ortiz, said that the upcoming summer will be one of the most exciting summers Milwaukee has ever experienced. According to him, the Potawatomi Casino Hotel team wanted to give the people of southeastern Wisconsin “one more reason to visit the Potawatomi Casino.”

We are rolling out Potawatomi Amplified and the temporary venue, to host three concerts and we think people will be really excited when they hear the names we plan to announce.

Dominic Ortiz, CEO, Potawatomi Casino Hotel

This isn’t the first time Snoop Dogg has teamed up with a gambling industry player either. Earlier this year, the rapper participated in Roobet’s Make It Rain with Snoop Dogg campaign. The entertainment powerhouse was selected as Roobet’s official “Chief Ganjaroo Officer” in March and has been working with the operator ever since.


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